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Hottest Photo Of The Month (HPOTM) Winners 2017

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Nnoli Herientta Nnenna of Nnobi, Anambra, Nigeria

December 01, 2017


Season greeting to Mon's Pick readers! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration with your loved ones? In the spirit of this festive season, we would love to call the year 2017 a "wrap" with our December star of the month Nnoli Henrietta Nnenna.


Nnoli is the current winner of recently concluded Miss Peace Nigeria 2017 beauty pageant that was in held at Abuja, Nigeria. She is the fifth of six children and she hails from Nnobi, Anambra State. She is a graduate of University of Nigeria Nsukka where she studied parasitology and environmental biology.

The 23-year-old beauty also has a program titled Kids Forte Show where she helps children and adolescents discover and develop their talents. Young children who don't make to the show are not left out either. Nnoli and her team go out on the streets to meet those kids and they look for ways to cater for their needs.

As a queen, Nnoli has more responsibility to shoulder during her reign. She would be leading the Miss Peace Nigeria Schools Peace Club in Government Secondary Schools across the country. The organization in partnership with the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution will ensure that the students are taught the values of Peace to enable the become young Peace Ambassadors.

She is into acting, she is a TV host and a model. Her hobbies are: drawing, traveling, listening to music, making new friends, reading inspirational books and spending time with her loved ones.

Five years from now, Nnoli hope to be very influential in the society and be able to touch lives positively. Her style of fashion is modern yet timeless design.


We wish you all the best Ms. Nnoli!

Melody Odiete John of Niger Delta, Nigeria

October 01, 2017


As the end of the year draws near with Thanksgiving coming up in a couple of days, we would love to celebrate November 'the month of gratitude' with our gorgeous fashionistar Esther Sheridan. 


Sheridan is one of Nigeria's fast-rising fashion blogger in diaspora who left Nigeria 4 years ago with her sweetheart to start a new life in Holland, Amsterdam the capital and most populous municipality of the Netherlands. Together the couple have a set of twins (a boy and a girl).


The easy going mother of two is a native of Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria while her hubby is an English man. Though the young mother has her hands already full, raising 2 toddlers at the same time - you all know how stressful it is raising a child, let alone twins - but somehow she is able to stay cool, calm, full of energy and beautiful. To her, she wouldn't have been able to 'move a morsel' without His Grace. 

Life in Holland is quite different from how life was in Nigeria. Just like everyone who relocates to another country, she had to adapt to a new system. She made new friends and learned a whole different lifestyle. As a strong woman,  she already knew what she wanted out of life and she worked her way to get there. Back home in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria, Sheridan was a well-known socialite. Her ability to interract easily with people and establish a rapport made the change easier. In no time, her winsome spirit attracted like-minded people into her life. 


On her blog @esteesheridan, you would see her supporting people at beautiful gatherings, modeling the latest trend in fashion and just enjoying the moment. 

Besides being a superwoman, Sheridan's other hobbies includes enhancing people's natural beauty. She is a makeup artist, hairstylist and fashion stylist. You have an Occassion to attend and you are having trouble deciding on what to wear? Our fashionista gat your back! She also loves photography because every single moment is worth capturing for keep sake. 

When asked where the light-skinned beauty sees herself 5 years from now, she replied: "I see the kids at school and me reigniting businesses. I want to be a better me - as a wife, mother and a business woman. I also hope to contribute more into the society that I get most of my inspiration from."

Her positive advice to the world is that people "should treat one another with more kindness and respect. Live your life being true to yourself and not by what the society expects of you. When life weighs you down, don't be to hard on yourself. Understand the fact that nobody thinks of you as much as you do. Live your life and let the little things make your eyes sparkle!"

We love you Esther Sheridan. Keep beautifying the world with your winsomeness!

Melody Odiete John of Niger Delta, Nigeria

October 01, 2017


Hello everyone! It's October and time for us to celebrate a new star of the month Kathleen Marinaccio. Besides being addicted to art and selfie, our multiskilled star of the month is a painter, creative director , a teacher and a crossfit junkie with over 28 years of experience.


She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree with honors from Pratt Institute in Communication Design with Minors in Painting and Film Production. 

"I have been lucky to have an amazing career and contribute to some of the world's most creative companies -- HarperCollins, Marvel, New World Entertainment, Disney, Warner Bros., Sony, Wildstorm Comics, Playa Vista, CBS, Paramount Pictures, Target. In 1998 I founded Fishbrain (a graphic design firm that specializes in packaging, promotions, custom publishing, corporate identity and branding.) I am currently Director, Design Services at Warner Bros. Media Research & Insights and a Professor of Graphic Design and Computer Graphics at Otis College of Art and Design and WB's Learning Network and Founder of Get REAL Creative, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation focusing on teaching art to both kids and adults then donating a portion of the proceeds to rejuvenate art in education," she said. 

She has created over $5,000 pieces to date including custom comic book, press kits, billboards, key art, promotions, presentations, apparel, corporate identity, websites, postcards, self promotions, student portfolios, and more.


Her Creative Specialties:

Fine Art: Acrylic, Oils, WaterColor, Ceramics, Sculpture, Paper Maché.


Digital Media: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark Xpress, Microsoft PowerPoint, Key Note, Prezzi.

Recent Press & Acknowledgements: The amazing 'super mom' of two was nominated for the Warner Bros. Richard D. Parsons Community Impact Award. She is a Hall Of Fame Inductee at Delaware Valley High School. Fishbrain self promotions were recently the entry feature at Pratt Institutes Self Promotion Show. She was featured in Amada Orr's Career 2.0 Blog and also in an article in Xaque Gruber's HuffPost Blog. She also been invited as an artist, professor, creative director to 2014 Adobe Max.

Marinaccio loves keeping her body fit and eating healthy. She is an inspiration to many who look up to her for guidance on living a healthy lifestyle. She loves spending time with her family - who are also into the 'healthy lifestyle habits.' She is fun, very adventureous and of course she loves people. Teaching and mentoring people are some skills that come natural to her. 

For those of you wondering why Mon's Pick Blog looks unique and beautiful, Marinaccio helped in making it come to life. She was my Graphic Design Instructor at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. In 2013, when I got inspired to start my a blog of my own, I needed an expert to help me gather my thoughts and make it reflect on blog. The first person that crossed my mind was Marinaccio and when I told her about the idea, she was very positive, excited for me and she scheduled an appointment for us to meet the following Weekend. Long story short, she taught me how to build my blog and has always been there for me whenever I had any question regarding the blog or social media in general. 

Marinaccio is that multi-talented role model that everyone wants to keep around for a lifetime because she is a positive force to reckoned with and blessing to anyone who works with her. She is selfless and would always guide you on the right path because she believes when you succeed, she wins too!


Thank you for being our star of the month Kathleen Marinaccio! We wish you the best in everything you do!

Melody Odiete John of Niger Delta, Nigeria

September 01, 2017


Hello everyone! September is almost over but the month is not complete without celebrating our star of the month. It's been an interesting month with so many things happening around the world. Some how we are keeping safe and we just want to thank God for His mercy as we look forward to an better new month (October).

To celebrate the month of September, we chose a beautiful lady by the name Melody Odiete John - fondly called M.O.J. - as our star of the month. She is the current beauty queen of the prestigious Miss Peace Nigeria 2016 that is annually held in Abuja, Nigeria.

The Niger Delta-born beauty queen is from a family of eight and she believes the bigger the family, the more love it has. She never felt lonely growing up as there was always something interesting or new to talk about or get engaged in. 


With so much love to share and willingness to help serve her country by helping others, Melody was determined to find her passion by first acquiring knowledge. She stayed put to her mission and it did pay off. She is a graduate of the University of Benin (UNIBEN) in Edo State, Nigeria where she studied English Language and Literature.

Winning the Miss Peace Nigeria 2016 pageant has created a lot of 'open doors' for the 5 foot 6 inches glamour model. Growing up, she said she admired beauty queens and the responsibilities that they had to shoulder. She loved how the ladies dedicated themselves to charity events and she hoped to become one in the future. 

"My career has always been my dream from childhood, lol, I can say boldly that I am living my dreams. I would like to thank all my sponsors for supporting me in carrying out my project.


"I have been to so many awesome places and I have met powerful people who see me as someone to reckon with. That's makes me feel cool but I feel more fulfilled when I go to remote areas where people need help. It gives me so much pleasure to assist them and see them happy.

"Five years from now, I see a better me. Education never ends. So, I will continue focusing on self improvement to better my career goals. I hope to work with bigger Charity organizations around the Globe," she told us.


With all the chaos going on around the world, Love is all we truly need. We also need more people like Melody to stick around for the long haul to help us accomplish some sanity and peace.

Dominique Alston of North Carolina, United States

August 01, 2017


Dominique Leshay Alston is the 25 year old granddaughter of Lazona Gale Spears and the late John Wesley Spears, Jr. of Coats, North Carolina.  She grew up as a sweet southern belle becoming a trail blazer in her academics, athletics, and the pageant industry. 

The former beauty queen is trained in vocal performance as well as various classic forms of dance, including ballet en pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, and more.  She attended Janice's Fabulous Feet Dance studio and the Barbizon School of Modeling, along with over 30 private and international mentors and teachers.  From tapping on the stage of the famous "It's Showtime at the Apollo" to opera at Carnegie Hall, Dominique has worked hard to master her craft.

Over the span of Dominique's pageant career, she has raised over $30,000 for Charities and Hospitals.  As Junior and Teen Miss North Carolina, she partnered with the outstanding Masonic Children's Home of Oxford, NC.  She competed twice at the Miss North Carolina Scholarship pageant for the chance to win the crown of Miss America.  The organization helped Dominique create iAutism, where she helped teach, aid and fundraise for low income families with children who have Autism.  The Miss America organization gave her the opportunity to work alongside them aiding the Children's Miracle Network hospitals.


The athletic beauty attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, studying Mass Communications with a focus in performance, and African and African-American Diasporic studies.  While at the University, she was inspired from the diversity of people, culture, knowledge, and unlimited opportunity.  From this inspiration, Dominique was spawned into a true human and animal activist, feminist, and humanitarian.  In January of 2015, she moved to California - once again finding boundless inspiration.  By 2016, Dominique gave birth to Ihunaanya: Understand Your Impact; giving jobs to over 10 of her closest friends, including co-founder, Kellie Thornton. 

Ihunaanya: Understand Your Impact's mission is to increase the participation of minority groups in nature.  The events take people hiking, camping, and backpacking with installations of Mindfulness Meditation, yoga, and other workshops that help better the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.

The love and time you invest in something can actually turn into a lifestyle. We are not surprise that Dominique's hobbies includes dancing, singing, hiking, camping, backpacking, and creating new projects.  Also, one of her favorite things to do is learn.  She is in the constant pursuit of new knowledge. 


When it comes to making a fashion statement, Dominique is steadfast in wearing how she feels.  Her clothing, jewelry, hair, nails, and makeup all go into a piece of art work she can share with the world.  Currently, Dominique is obsessed with over-sized sweaters and trench coats, large totes, complemented with as big of hair as you can get - after all, big hair shrinks the waistline.  She is also into the futuristic style of Japanese millennials.  Her favorite brands are Versace, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Nike, and Mac cosmetics.

Five years from now - when she will be 30 years old,  our multi-talented August star of the month aspires to launched the festival portion ofIhunaanya: Understand Your Impact and surfaced as a major force in the entertainment industry starring in action and horror movies.  

Dominique's advice to the world is from poet and philosopher David Whyte explores in Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everday Words, a book "dedicated to WORDS and their beautiful hidden and beckoning uncertainty."


  • But no matter the medicinal virtues of being a true friend or sustaining a long close relationship with another, the ultimate touchstone of friendship is not improvement, neither of the other nor of the self, the ultimate touchstone is witness, the privilege of having been seen by someone and the equal privilege of being granted the sight of the essence of another, to have walked with them and to have believed in them, and sometimes just to have accompanied them for however brief a span, on a journey impossible to accomplish alone.


For someone who has been in the entertainment world for the most part of her life, she has seen it all. When asked to define beauty, she simply said "beauty is to me what light you allow to shine through. Live your life in a healthy and spiritually wealthy way, and your beauty will always be beyond this universe, literally."


You are such an amazing person Dominique. We love everything you do and how you inspire everyone around you. We wish you the best in all your endeavors! 

Elizabeth Osasumwen Owie of Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

July 01, 2017


Hello! It's July again the month to excel! To celebrate this month, we would like to introduce you to our beautiful star of the month, Elizabeth Osasumwen Owie who hails from Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria .


Amazingly, Owie is "off the market" as she recently got married to the man of her dream Mr John Ogbudu with whom she lives with in Lagos, Nigeria.


Coming from a big family and being the baby of the house of 11 children,  our star of the month's developed her social skills quite early. She learned to share, compromise,  practice good sportmanship and above all, self reliance. 


Sadly, at the early age of 10, Owie lost her father who was her greatess role model. Nevertheless, he had already built that foundation of hardwork and integrity in the lives of his family. The Owie's had that sense of church and the confidence that with God, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. 


With the passing of Mr. Owie, Osasum - as she is fondly called - was raised by her mum and her older siblings.


"I saw love and understanding in them as I grey up to be who I am today. My source of inspiration are my two brothers Mr. Jerry Owie and Mr. Augustine Owie. They were always there to see me accomplish my goals in life," said the proud Sister.


After studying Banking and Finance at The University of Benin (UNIBEN), Owie's brightness earned her a job at LAPO Micro Finance Bank where she works as a branch Manager.


Besides work and family, Osasum loves reading, cleaning and watching movies. 


Five years from now she sees herself being a great mother and keeping a happy stable home. Her motivational advice to the world is "Never give up on yourself, believe you have the ability to become what God wants you to be. Don't ever listen to the words of impossiblity.


We love the way you keep it humble while working for what you want!

Charity Archie of North Hills, California

June 01, 2017


Meet our spontaneous and vibrant star for the month of June! She is the one and only Charity Archie a.k.a Charity Aumora! 


Archie is originally from Dayton, Ohio but now resides in Southern California with her 16-year-old daughter. Her late mother was blessed with 7 children and 5 of those children together with their mom, relocated to California over 20 years ago. Charity was in her pre-teens when she moved to Los Angeles, California. Though, her mother later relocated back to Ohio, Charity had already established herself in the City of Angels together with her daughter and sisters, they remained in California.


Our star of the month's teenage daughter is so much like her in looks and mannerism. "She is intelligent, self-sufficient, knows what she wants out of life and of course she is the most beautiful daughter ever," says the dashing mom. 

"When my mom passed away, my daughter was my best supporter ever! Her ability to understand what life and death really is and how she helped me cope with the loss was heartwarming. She is such an encouragement and inspiration. I always say that she is 'My Secret Angel' here on Earth," Charity added.


To tell us more about herself, the multi-talented lady said "I am an entrepreneur in every way. I am a Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay, a Life Coach for busy-action-oriented moms with businesses. I am also an Artist and Creator of my own T-Shirt Company Brilliant Art Designs." So, If you are in the San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles, California, feel free to register on my site for a free facial


'I am currently a single mom and I don’t feel ashame about it. I am so glad that I had a good role model such as my mom to show me how to be a strong and wonderful mom to my child - just like she was to my siblings and I."


Ms. Archie and her daughter are Vegans. They love exploring different Vegan Restaurants, Cafes ane they especially love to cook as well. Whenever they get a chance, they go to the beach to relax and watch the Sunset.


In Archie's spare time, she also likes to read books, watch action/drama movies, paint or do anything creative or simply lay out on the grass at the park to connect with Mother Nature.


On where she sees herself five years from now, she told us: "In five years, I see myself expanding my business across the globe to continue to inspire, motivate and change lives of women so that they can be happy and live the best quality life ever."


On what is her advice to people in general, she responded by saying "One thing I could leave you with that may be profound and inspiring for your life is: Don’t ever doubt your abilities in who you are destined to become. You are great, you are worthy and you are valuable. Don’t ever allow anybody to tell you differently.”


To learn more about Charity Archie and how her services could benefit you, please connect with her on Social Media. Her handle is@charityaumora on Instagram and twitter, on Facebook , and/or group“Mompreneur Who Rock Her Biz


Congratulations Charity and keep up with the good work. You are amazing!

Mary Jane Okiya of Woodland Hills, California

May 01, 2017


May we have been waiting for you! Happy new month everyone! May you be full in spirit as this month of May, and as gorgeous as the sun in Mid-Summer!


Our gorgeous home girl Mary Jane Okiya of Woodland Hills, California is our May star of the month! For those of you living in California, Mary Okiya is a household name because of her ownership of one of most popular African stores in the Valley. She is one of those people who make it possible for Africans - most especially Nigerians - to have access to their homemade food products. Why miss home when you can find almost everything you were raised with back in Africa at Mary's store? Interestingly, this store has a mixture of both the African and Carribean type of food. So, Africans are not the only loyal customers you will come across. Best of all, Mary has a good stock of products and nice friendly staff to attend to all your needs. 

Besides owning the groceries store, this amazing wife and mother of four adorable children is multi-talented. She makes jewelry, provides hair and makeup services and also designs trendy African styles. Don't be surprised if you go to Mary's store to buy groceries and then end up buying a dinner dress or African fabrics as well. It happens all the time. Lol!


After working very hard to establish herself in the United States, not too long ago, the Delta State born business woman created a YouTube channel which is uses to reach out to both single and married women. Her message is simply to help women "get more involved in their homes by multitasking in ways that provides a balance. This way, nothing is lacking, causing a distraction or posing as a setback. Life could be difficult and if you don't know how to joggle your daily activities, you will end up 'crashing' at the long run." 


Mary's creative ideas is seen in the beauty of her work - jewelry, fashion design, hair and makeup. She said "In everything I do, I put God first because He is the Master Planner of my life. The greatest of time of every mother is the one she spends with her child. So, being around my kids means everything to me. It's the best feeling ever!"


When asked where she sees herself five years from now, she replied "Five years from now, I can't really say but I keep learning every day and improving myself. However, I believe in the saying 'one step at a time'. I wish for good health, a sound mind and for the good Lord to direct my path. He never fails."


Well said Mary! Keep doing what you do. We love it!

Maureen Ibekwe Igbeifun of Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

April 01, 2017


Happy New Month readers! May this first day of April bring with it much peace, love, joy, passion and purpose as we celebrate our April star of the month, Maureen Ibekwe Ogbeifun.

Ogbeifun who originally hails from Imo State, Nigeria is happily married to her sweetheart who is from Edo State and together they have 3 lovely kids. 


Born into a noble family with a strong Catholic background, Ogbeifun is the third child of four children. At at a very young age, Ogeifun and her siblings were taught fundamental spiritual principles that instilled the importance of hardwork, faith in God and faith in the family. 


Having learned the lessons of work and worship which apply to the moral and spiritual activities, Ogbeifun wanted more for personal advancement. Her desire to be more knowledgeable and well rounded, was then followed with self-descipline and hardwork. As a dedicated student, she gave her studies 100 percent and her brilliance never went unrecognized. 

The graduate of Theater Art from The University of Benin has always had a keen eye for fashion.  So she decided to combine her education and creativity  into Fashion Merchandizing. Her strong sense of style and great taste in fashion has made her Osa's Boutique a household name in Benin City, Edo State. As a good business woman, provides style consultation services to ensure her clients dress for success.


Ogbeifun is well-known for her work ethics and has become a socialite. Her business has brought her lots of friends who constantly invites her to big occasions. She is the one to run to if you are looking for a style and wardrobe overhaul that would prevent costly shopping mistakes. She takes pride in her work and would always say "looking good is my business." 

Beside work, Ogueifun and her family are actively involved in church activities. Like her parents, she has given her kids that sense of church to keep them in the right path. Earlier this month, the Catholic Women Organization (CWO) honored her with a Star Mother award. 


No matter how successful you are, you definitely want to be a better you in the future. "In the next 5 years, I see myself bigger and better. The sky will be my limit. I also hope to give more to the society," she said.


When asked to define beauty, she said "beauty has no definition to me because it has different interpretations to different people. Everything the Lord created is beautiful." 


Good job Maureen! Keep up with the good work!

Sandra Rogers

March 01, 2017


Hello everyone! It's March meaning Spring is around the corner!  To keep us in that right frame of mind as we discover new things, we decided to choose someone who is well informed about wellness, who is passionate about it and who has a vibrant personality - that would sweep us off our feet - to be our star of the month. 

Without further delay, she is Sandra Rodgers. A renowed Wellness Coach who continuously seeks knowledge about Natural Solutions (Essential Oils) that support health.


To introduce herself, she said "I was born in Los Angeles, California. My parents were both born and raised in Louisiana. Having experienced racism in the South they decided to move to California to provide a better life for their children. I grew up in Compton, California where I learned how to sew early in life and the skills I developed provided a foundation later in my future for a custom hat and jewelry design business. My passion was to ensure every customer that purchased one of our products left with a smile."

The power of essential oils is amazing - little wonder Rodger's skin glows. Knowing how beneficial these oils are, she is on a mission to empower others to use and learn more about the many benefits of essential oils for the entire family - from infants to adults. 

In order for us to better understand the benefits of Essential Oils, the beautiful mother of five narrates her story:


Why should we learn more about Essential Oils? 

Let me share a short story about how essential oils impacted my life as a child. When I was 3 years old my mother was cooking coffee in a percolator on the stove.  This was a pre-coffee machine pot.  The percolator had a glass center piece that exposed the coffee as it began to boil and I wanted an up close and personal look so I stood on my toes grabbed the percolator by the handle and it spilled over on my left arm and hand. I screamed in agonizing pain. As my Mother and Father rushed into the kitchen and saw the skin burn/blister eruptions they immediately rushed me to the hospital. 

After the doctors examined my arm and hand they recommended a skin graft for the best healing procedure. However, my mother opted out of that choice and decided to take charge of my healing at home. She chose essential oils as an alternative solution for healing. Being an avid gardener, she grew a large bushel of Lavender that she maintained daily in her garden. She prepared the Lavender plant by steaming and extracting the oils from the plant and applied to my wound several times daily. Amazing, we started seeing improvement. My mum was excited about the healing taking place that she told everyone about the healing aspects of the Lavender Oil.  Today, my scars are barely visible to the eye. A story that has been repeated throughout my life to family and friends.  

When I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils I was very open to learning about their therapeutic value because I remember what Lavender essential oil had done for me. I learned that I could use a diffuser to provide aromatherapy throughout my home, uplift the mood and joy while heightening  focus and senses.  A large component of my use is cooking with essential oils because doTERRA essential oils are safe to consume internally.  We now have many recipes we can share.


Here is a video testimony of one of my colleagues that used doTERRA essential oils to support her nervous system.

As you can now see, essential oils are very powerful and can be used for many things! 


My mission is to make a global impact by sharing the benefits of essential oils. I invite you to join our next Learning About Essential Oils monthly Facebook Class entitled, Cleansing and Detoxing The Body Using Essential Oils from March 20th through 24th.  Every month we share different topics about essential oils that includes daily educational posts and videos that you may review at your leisure and multiple opportunities to win prizes!

Sandra's and her team are breaking grounds and even extending their support to countries outside the United States.  The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation has partnered with the Asante Foundation and a Cō-Impact Sourcing partner in providing a Kenya community with clean water and educational opportunities.

The Los Angeles born beauty defines beauty as something that starts from within by being your best and it manifest through a smile. Now that's beauty!!! She lives her life everyday with the feeling of achievement BEFORE it even happens! 

Dorcas Uwague of Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

February 01, 2017


Happy New Month everyone. February is the month of Love when we celebrate Valentine's Day with those close to our heart. So, as we go through this month, we would like to celebrate Dorcas Uwague of Benin City, Nigeria as our February star of the month.


Dorcas Uwague is a Gosple artist from Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. She works under a fast record label called Efoski Entertainment. Coming from a strict family background where education is key to everything you put your heart to, Uwague takes her takes pride in her education. She is a student of The University of Benin (UNIBEN) where she studies Political Science/Public Administration. 

This current winner of the Dominion City Music awards 2016, is the third child of four children. Besides ensuring that her grades are excellent at school, she devotes most of her time singing, writing, reading, dancing and of course cleaning around the house. In order to attain success, she believes the first thing to do is to fall in love with your work. "I see myself big beyond my imagination. I see myself being a global star and an ambassador to so many brands. I see myself known and taken as a role model all over the world," she said. She works very hard, not thinking anything good can come easily. A mindset that keeps her humble and not distracted. She doesn't expect too much from people either. You have to help yourself first and then you might just receive favor from both God and man. 

She told us "Life is beautiful regardless of it's ups and downs. Beauty to me is not only something pleasant, excellent, spotless and gorgeous but also believing in God and fulfilling his purpose on earth. To me, no beauty supercedes these things."


 On what would be her advice to the world on perseverance? She responded "Whatever you set out to do, see it, know it, and believe it. Hold on in times of challenges, victory is certain at the end."


This is one smart young woman who already knows what her mission and is working on bringing them alive. We love how she looks happy in her semi-formal photo. Nice blasers, sky blue jeans and stylish (colorful) glasses. You can tell she has her head over her shoulders.


Uwague speaks both Edo language and the English language. To learn more about this hot damsel, check out her new single Chai! Love:

You Rock Girl!

Michelle Obama of The United States

January 01, 2017


As the Obama's leave the White House for the president-elect Donald Trump, we would love to celebrate America's 1st black First lady Michelle Obama as our very first 2017 star of the month.


Michelle LaVaugh Robinson was born in south of Chicago, Illinions on January 17, 1948 to Mr Fraser III and Mrs Marian Robinson. She grew up in South Shore neighborhood in a 1 bedroom apartment where she lived with her parents and her older brother, Craig.

Mr Robinson was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in his early 30s but he kept working very hard to take care of his family at the city's water department. "He was our provider, our champion our hero, but as he got sicker it got harder for him to work," said Michelle Obama at a conference. 

Michelle Obama was a very bright student in school and she loved to play the piano. Her father instilled hardwork and commitment in his children and that molded them into role models. She admired her brother's a lot and as soon as he got admitted into Princeton University, she was motivated too do the same. In 1979, her dreams came true. She got admitted into Princeton to study Sociology with a focus in African-American studies. In 1985, she went on to Harvard Law School and graduated in 1988. Fresh out of college, she was hired at the Sidney Austin Law Firm in Chicago - where she met her "better half" Barack Obama.


Obama was at the Firm for a summer job and Michelle was supposed to train him on the job. Like everybody else, she thought Obama's name sounded funny. It was love at first sight for Barack Obama who wasted no time in asking her out. Though Michelle felt it was inappropraite because it was a work environment but she eventually agreed to have lunch with him one day. She recounted at an interview that "by the end of the day, it was over, I was sold." She told her brother about Obama and he decided to check him out. Craig was impressed too after playing a basketball game with him.


Michelle and Obama got married in 1992. Sadly her father had passed away the previous year. In 1998, they welcomed their first daughter, Malia and their second daughter, Sasha was born a few years later.

Michelle Obama Michelle had already left Corporate Law for a job at the University of Chicago Hospitals. At this time, Obama was already a Senator. As a loving wife, she later gave up her successful career to support her husband in serving the country. 


History was made on the election night of 2008, when this woman who grew up from a poor home, walked the stage celebrating her husband's victory as the 44th President of United States (1st black president) and the 1st African-American First lady of America.


She became a role model for all women and a bridge for African-American women. However, unlike most first families whose children suffer because their parents were busy with power, Michelle chose parenting before politics. She brought her mother into the White House to help her raise her beautiful daughters. Michelle and Obama were very involved in their kids school like parents are expected to.


As the "Mom In Chief" she had to come up with what was best for children. In 2009, she invited children to the White House and they dug up a garden together. The purpose was to get kids interested in vegetables.  She extended her quest for healthy eating by creating the "Let Move" project to help childhood obesity. Children were thought the importance of being physically fit and eating healthy. 


In 2014, she encouraged children of all nations to go to school through her "Reach Higher" Initiatives. In 2015, she launched her "Let Girls Learn" initiative that helps adolescent girls attain a quality education. 


The First Lady also joined effort to bring back the Nigerian school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in 2014.

On January 20, 2017, America will swear in a new president. However, the legacy of Michelle Obama dwells in possibility. We are glad to have her as a leader and a mentor. She had a deep impact on style trend, making her the most fashionable First Lady of the United States. She loves wearing good clothes and her sense of style placed her on the covers of reputable magazines such as Vogue, Essense, Ebony, Time, Glamour, Instyle, Jet, Good Morning, Variety, to name a few. 


Though she enjoys shopping at affordable stores like JC Penny, she has been dressed by designers like Jason Wu, Michael Kors, Tracy Reese, Azzedine Alaia, Narcisco Rodriguez, Thakoon, Calvin Klein, Donna Karen, Isabella Toledo etc.

Michelle Obama is a fashion icon. She makes an impression with whatever she puts on, but the most beautiful dress we have ever seen on her was the one Atelier Versace rose gold chainmail gown that she used to make a statement at the Last State Dinner at the White House. She also made her signature side-bangs hairstyle to complement this lovely dress. It was her best ever!

We love you Michelle Obama and we want to use this medium to thank you and your family for all the good work you have done serving America.

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