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Hottest Photo Of The Month (HPOTM) Winners 2015

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Barbara Avbara Ojehonmon

December 01, 2015


Happy new month people! The year has almost ended, but 2015 is not complete without celebrating our December star of the month, Barbara Avbara Ojehonmon


Barbara is an Urhobo lady from Delta State, Nigeria and she is happily married to 'my brother' who she described as "the man of her dreams." Together they have two lovely daughters.


The dark-skinned beauty, studied at Delta State University where she received her Bachelors in Accounting and Finance. After her graduation from the University, she secured a pretigious job in Lagos State, working as the Human Resources-Assistant Manager of Devyani International Nigeria Limited - a franchise of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).


She relocated with her family to the California and "of course, life is California is very different from that of Lagos. But, as you already know, an Urhobo 'babe' can survive anywhere," she said. 


"I had a total change in my career. Which I find very interesting, now I work as a Nurse and I love the fact that I am not just thinking about myself alone, but also about others. It's all about helping people get better - healthwise. Nursing is such a noble job and as a christian, I am so pleased about that" she added.


Barbara who is fondly called 'Baby Doll' by her sisters, decided to do something unique with her photo of the month. Unlike, our past stars of the month, she shared this shot, displaying her 'many moods.' I'm impressed and I'm loving the all-black-everything elegance. Long straight hair with a light makeup and just being herself. You can't go wrong with that. 


The Baby Doll loves to cook, bake, enjoys going on date nights with her husband, watching movies, shopping, listening to music and being around her family.


Five years from now, she sees herself spreading the love of God through her ministry of praise, being a supportive wife and the best mother to her children.


She also hopes to start a business -most likely in the healthcare field- with her husband. She speaks English Language, a little bit of Urhobo and of course the Nigerian Pidgin English.





Amina Karatu

November 01, 2015


Happy new moth people! It's a new month and our new star of the month is Amina Karatu! The former fashion model turned business woman, is from Kebbi State, Nigeria. Amina has always had a special interest in fashion. Even while in Lagos State University, she noticed she couldn't take her mind off fashion. Her creativity and keen eye for exotic fashion designs earned her a part-time job in her mother's fashion house.


In 2001, Amina moved to the United States to study Fashion Design. As a hard-working young woman, she was able to get herself together in her new home, Los Angeles, California. As a student, she also worked as an associate designer / buyer for a couple of high profile fashion establishments before she finally settled at Cache - a clothing boutique in Beverly Center - where she was a manager for many years and was making good income.


While at Cache, she launched her very own clothing line, Minachy in 2011 and always had a good crowd whenever she organized her annual fashion shows. 


In 2014, Amina felt she had gained the education and experience she needed to pursue her own business. So, she quit her job at Cache, went solo and started touring the world buying and selling fashion/beauty products. That same year, she also decided to move back to her motherland, Nigeria for good. Her expertise in fashion merchandising, made her realize that she was a shrewd business woman not only in fashion, but in anything relating to legal business.


In a recent interview with World Industry Leaders Blogspot, she talked about a new project she is working on.  She told the editor, Mike Osagie: with the recent happenings in Nigeria give cause for concern. Businesses and government need to provide for public safety and asset protection. So, my recent interest is around access control and security surveillance and how we can protect individuals and assets in Nigeria. This will improve public safety and reduce crimes such as theft, kidnapping and at the same time, boost security personnel readiness to combat security threats in Nigeria. To be more specific, with the new business we integrate, design and deploy public safety and security technologies that protect people and property, efficiently, and effectively. Public safety and law enforcement applications include:

- License plate recognition (LPR)

- Access control

- Site monitoring 

- Mobile solutions

- Facial recognition


How thoughtful? With the all the chaos going on in the country, Nigeria will definitely use some of Amina help.


Now, about Amina's photos. She said "this photo says I am relaxed, happy and thankful." You can tell from the top of her Fro to the tip of her Toes that she is one woman who follows her instinct and who always make the right decisions. It got her to where she is right now. 


No pain, no gain.


Chinwe Rajis of Lagos Nigeria

October 01, 2015


It's a new month, the year is has almost ended and our star of the month of October is beautiful Chinwe Rajis of Lagos Nigeria. The former model hails from Imo State, Nigeria and in case you didn't know, she is "off the market!" Happily married to her 'Prince Charming', they have been blessed with two cute little angel faces, one of each. 


Born to a retired soldier and one of the best mothers in the world. Sadly Chinwe's mother passed way a couple of years ago. It was the saddest period of her life because she had a strong bond with her. This is the reason why she is also trying to build that same connection with her own children. As a full time mum, she is currently nursing her little boy. "Family comes first. I have always wanted to be hundred percent available to my children. A mother's love is real comfort and the fuel that enables children to do the impossible," she said.


Five years from now, Chinwe sees herself as a successful business woman. Don't let the pretty face fool you! This woman can cook and she loves cooking different types of delicacies. In her home, you will never go hungry. 


The picture below reflects Chinwe's true beauty through her soul. "A girl says her worth, but a woman acts her worth."  Who would ever think this young lady is a mother of two? Our star of the month is one classy woman.....

Amala Osuji Ibekie of Los Angeles

September 01, 2015


Give it up for our September star of the month! She is the one and only Amala Ibekie Osuji of Los Angeles, California. She is from the eastern part - Imo State - of Nigeria, but relocated to the U.S. many years ago.


Amala is one of the reputable nurses we have around town. With Amala, what you see is what you get. She is very caring, she is a people person and a great leader who has high listening skills. She loves helping others and would always give her support to people around her. Little wonder, today she is a Nurse Case Manager at one of the best healthcare facilities in the city of LA.


Blessed with three adorable children and a very supportive husband, Amala is able to juggle work and family and still maintain her tranquility. To her, her parents are her greatest tools (role models) in life. From a family of five, she also followed her folks pattern and they are five in number in her own nuclear family as well. Guess what? She is a twin! She is so caring and loves to share, she even came into the world with a buddy. Lol! Her fraternal twin sister lives in houston, Texas and is doing great in her career too.


As you can see, easy going Amala is a fashionista. You will never catch her looking tired or disorganized because she believes "good grooming is integral and impeccacble style is a must. If you don't look the part, no one will want to give you their time or money."  Beside, grooming is a sign of respect to people you come across in your daily endeavors. 


Looking flawless in this beautiful black and white photo, Amala is simply being herself and saying she is enjoying life and she has no regrets.


Congratulations to you, Amala and we pray that the Lord strengthens more you as you positively impact lives by making people feel better.


Audrey Apanisile of Ontario, Canada

August 01, 2015


Hello August, you've been so good to us and thank you for our star of the month of August, Mrs. Audrey Apanisile of Ontario, Canada. 


First of all, for those of you who don't already know, Audrey is my elder sister. I am sure some of you thought about that before even reading about her. 


She is the Vice President of Hotel House 30 also known as The Pivotal Guest House and Lounge  located in Lagos, Nigeria. This beautiful mother of six children is also the CEO of popular children's clothing store in Lagos called Kiddies Wardrobe Enterprise. Guess what this lady's hobbies are? Shopping and traveling! Lol! She turned her hobbies into a business. Smart move of course. 


A couple of years ago, Audrey, her husband and their children relocated to Canada. Born, raised in Lagos to Edo parents, Audrey is married to her hearttrobe who hails from Ekiti State. She speaks Edo Language, Ekiti dialet - which is slightly different from the general Yoruba Language - and Yoruba.


She is an alumna of Lagos State University, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Political Science in her undergrad at the Ojo Campus. Loving the knowledge she gained from the school, she later went back to the same school, but to the satelite campus in Jibowu, Lagos, where she completed her Masters program in Public Administration.  


Coming from a family with sound academic background, Apanisile has succeeded in placing her children on that same path of growth and sound mind. Her favorite quote is "A child without education, is like a bird without wings." 


Isn't she right? Education is indeed worth investing in. As a matter of fact, it is the best investment because it yields the best interest. It is the passport to the future and this is why wise parents invest in knowledge.


Regarding this photo? Audrey is not the type who takes selfies, but she wouldn't mind posing for one if she has to. She decided to share this particular shot because her eldest daughter needed the picture for a school project. Sitting behind the wheels and still looking fly without even trying. How cool is that? Sometimes the best pictures are the ones that we never planned for. 


We wish Audrey and Mon's Pick's  audience a happy month of August!


Sophia Shih of Taiwan

July 01, 2015


Check out our July star on the month, Sophia Shih. She is from Taiwan, a small island nation located in the east of China. The asian beauty currently works as a Hospital Administrator. She had her undergraduate degree from Shih Hsin University in Taipai, Taiwan.


After working as a copy writter for a publishing company in Taiwan for many years, Sophia said she was able to saved up a lot of money to pursue her quest for more knowledge in the United States.


In 2008 she relocated to the U.S. to further her education. With California being her dream State, she applied to the Master of Science in Health Adminstration (MSHA) program at the California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Her brilliance and charisma was so captivating, she was accepted by the school that same year (2008). After 3 years, she graduated from the program in 2011and has been working ever since then. 


Sophia whose first love is writting, never gave up on her passion. She recently wrote a book for women's health. Her dream besides helping people in the healthcare field, is to continue writing. She loves poems and has written many poems for more than ten years now. She sees herself retiring someday from her job and focusing mainly on writting.


Besides being a career woman at the moment, she hopes to find a loving, God-fearing, hardworking and responsible man to settle down with. Two kids from a blissful marriage would be a blessing and that's all she wants. However, if getting married and having kids is not in the cards for her, she hopes to do more traveling and explore the beauty of the world.


She speaks Taiwanese and English language fluently. She plans to do some volunteering as a Japanese interpreter, so she is currently learning the language. She loves participating in welfare events and that is another way she gives back to the society.


"The universe has smiled at me more than I ever expected. I don't want to be rich, I just want to be the very best I can be and be able to positively impact the lives of others. I believe in sharing and if people could learn to share, this world would be a much better place," she said.


Sophia chose to share this photo because this is who she really is. "We are all beautiful in our own skin. Though I love makeup and love treating myself with the best things in life, I don't really need makeup to feel beautiful," she added.


Wow! Sophia has said it all! Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. There is no need to be perfect. What really matters is a pretty mind, pretty heart and a pretty soul. All of which Sophia has been blessed with. You go girl!


Mrs Aisha Buhari of Nigeria

June 01, 2015


Mrs Aisha (nee HaliluBuhari is the wife of Nigeria's new president, Muhammadu Buhari which makes her the current First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Born on February 17, 1971, she hails from Adamawa State in the northern part of Nigeria. She is from a very noble family of the first Minister of defense , Hon. Mohammadu Ribadu.  


On December, 2, 1989, she got married to retired Nigerian Army Major General and the former military ruler, Buhari. Together, they have five children (Aisha, Halima, Yusuf, Zahra and Amina). Her step children (Late Zulaihat, Fatima, Musa, Hadiza and Safinatu) are from her husband's previous marriage to Safinatu Yusuf - who passed away few years after her 17 years marriage ended in a divorce.


Mrs Aisha holds a bachelor's degree in Public Administration from Ahmadu Bello University; where she remains a strong alumna till date. Understanding the fact that "education is the strongest weapon we can use to change the world," she was motivated to seek higher knowledge in Physiotherapy. At the Institute of FRANCE, Dubai, she also earned post graduate diploma in cosmetology and beauty therapy. Always hungry for educational advancement, she attended the prestigious Carlton Institute of London and the ACADEMY Esthetique Beauty. 


As a certified Beauty and Permanent Makeup Artist, she decided to give back to the society by mentoring aspiring cosmetologists and serving as a consultant to KRCP/NNPC on skill acquisition.


She is what we call a "Glam Mom" because she is a devoted wife, good mother, an entrepeneur, a renowned cosmetologist, a consummate politician who is greatly admired for her love for people, willingness to help others, and her ability to remain humble and accessible despite her status as a strong black woman. She is also a member of the United Kingdom Vocational Training and Charitable Trust (VTCT), THE International Health and Beauty Council (HBC).


She is very big on women's right movement in Nigeria and one of her major goals during her husband's tenure in office is to ensure that women are given equal rights to participate in the growth of the country. Her mission is to eradicate that "glass ceiling" by empowering women. Women's health and education are the two key areas she will be focusing on this purpose. She also plans to help women politicians raise funds for campaign.


This photo was chosen not only because it's the most recent of all Mrs Aisha's professional close shots, but also because it is the one that represents her best as the new First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Don't she look lovely, pleasingly graceful and stylish? The photo was taken in Abuja by one of Nigeria's best known photographers, George Okoro.


Sherece Schaffe of Los Angeles, California!

May 01, 2015


Congratulations to our star of the month of May and it's none other than Sherece Schaffe of Los Angeles California!!!


Sherece was born in Torrance, California but raised in St. Andrew, Jamaica for most of her life because her Jamaican parents wanted her to have a more disciplined educational experience. One  very distinctive quality of this beautiful lady is her sense of humor.  Whenever she is asked her place of origin, her response is "I don't really know where I belong, so I like to think of myself as Jamerican."


She lives in the heart of Los angeles in Koreatown. Based on her educational background, she has a Master of Arts in Psychology from Alma Mater Pepperdine University.  Scaffe is someone you call a 'people's person' because of her love for people and her ability to work with all personality types. She currently works at a local Mental Health organization as a Personal Service Coordinator II.


When I first saw this photo of Schaffe, I went Whao! The image is what is called 'Raw Beauty' in the world of modeling and photography. With no make up, all black and white, yet our star of the month is mind blowing. Sometimes, you just have to be you and keep in mind that embracing your true self radiates a natural beauty that cannot be diluted or ignored. Confident, beautiful, untamable and big hearted Sherece!


As for where she sees herself five years from now, she said "in 5 years, I want to provide children with therapeutic and nurturing settings to learn and grow in. I see myself working with a non-profit helping young children who are at risk or have special needs and help them develop a toolbox of skills they can use throughout their lives. I've always wanted to do something that guides the youths who may feel invisible or misunderstood and help them tap into expressing themselves healthily."


English is her native language, but she can speak conversational Spanish. Since her boyfriend is Mexican-American she has a lot of opportunities to practice the language. She's also fluent in Patois (Jamaican dialect).


Her immediate family is made up of 8 full and half siblings combined. She is her father's eldest child and the second oldest child from her mother. While her father and siblings live in the United States, her mother, grandmother, aunts and cousins still reside in Jamaica.


I know we everyone would like to know more about Schaffe's love life because like the saying goes"good things don't last long in the market." Well, she is in a loving and supportive relationship with her boyfriend of almost 4 years.


Does this damsel have a hobby? Yes she does. Interesting ones as a matter of fact. "I am trying to put passion back into my life so I am picking up some old hobbies like playing badminton, reading fiction and experiencing new things. I also like doing simple DIY crafts. I recently started volunteering at a local animal shelter because I have been having an itch to find an adorable furry companion. I grew up with several pets and animals and I miss that. So I want to volunteer for now until I'm in a position to become a pet owner," she said.



Delisa Charron Ubosi of Sylmar, California!

April 01, 2015


Delisa Charron Ubosi is our April star on the month! Born in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in California. She has been happily married - for 22 years and still counting - to the love of her life, a very noble Nigerian man by the name Ifeanyi and they have four beautiful children as well as grandchildren. 


One word to describe this woman is "savvy".  Delisa is a very savvy career woman. She studied Business Management at California Lutheran University. She does not only have knowledge about her job, she has many years of experience as well. She worked in  the

pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry for 15 years. Currently, she is employed as a Senior Clinical Contracts Associate at a major medical device company.


What I love about this black and white photo of Delisa is that it is a "modern cowgirl" look. When you see a lady wearing a cowgirl straw hat, it says a lot about her personality as a fashion concious woman.  Delisa nails this cowgirl look with her unique sense of style. She is beautiful, hardworking and of course, progressive. Don't you just love the 'bling-blings' on her hat?


When aske about her hobbies, she said "I enjoy reading and attending Nigerian festivities and traveling with my hubby."


She only speaks English, but understands a little bit of her husband's igbo dialect.


"In five years I see myself enjoying my golden years with my hubby as if it was the first day with him and our grandchildren. Life is about creating memories and cherishing those that you love," she said.


Mrs. Ubosi and her family currently reside in San Fernando Valley of California.


Olajumoke Kehinde Kupoluyi of San Diego, California

March 1, 2015


Yay! Olajumoke Kehinde Kupoluyi is our star for the month of March!!! She is a Nigerian from Oyo State, but was born and raised in Lagos State. She is married to her life partner, Lanre, whom she met in the US and they have three wonderful sons together. About two months ago, the couple's first child, David became a big brother to twins; Isaac and Isaiah. 


Kupoluyi studied Science Laboratory Technology at the University of Ilorin and later proceeded to Olabisi Onabanjo for her Post Graduate Program in Software Development.


When she relocated to San Diego, California about a decade ago, she worked as an Assistant Manager at Walmart - an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of discount department stores and warehouse stores. She kept her job with Walmart for about 2 years before deciding to make a career-change into the healthcare field.


For the main time, she works part-time as a Pharmacy Technician while taking some prerequisites in pharmacy school and being a "Super Mom".


Who needs a professional photographer when you can take a nice selfie and still drive your family and friends bananas? Selfies have gained wider popularity over time since 2012 and Jumoke's selfie is stunning. She is always full of life because she knows is strong, beautiful, fearless, wise, a lover, a good mother and she can laugh. 


"My goal 5 years from now is to be a registered Doctor of Pharmacy. I love reading, shopping and surfing the Internet," she said.


She speaks two languages fluently, the Yoruba and the English Language. She understands and speaks some spanish as well. 


Njideka Egodinma Duruhesie of Los Angeles, California

February 1, 2015


Njideka Egodimma Duruhesie, is currently enrolled in the Doctoral Program in International Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She also holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from University of Southern California. 


Ms. Duruhesie is originally from Imo state, Nigeria, but was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. As she works her way into Hollywood and Nollywood, as a T.V. personality, host and a newly actress in Nigeria, she determined to rise to the top with her big heart, education and exposure to the socialite of entertainment.


Her primary goal is to show women options by empowering them to be independent thinkers, self-motivators and agents of world changers. She served two years volunteering with the Veterans Affair (VA) homeless population at Volunteer of America. Currently, as a professional Social Worker/Therapist she is dedicated to helping those in need rebuild their lives and reach their full potential. 


Our beautiful star of the month has a deep compassion for the less privileged children. She’s on the board as Project and Board Director of a non-profit foundation called “Children Are Royal” to support and empower Africa's most vulnerable groups including; orphanages, at-risk children, the frail infants, homeless children, children with disabilities, and children with mental health issues. The goal of this project is to provide effective programs and services. 


Duruhesie's spiritual guidance, hard-work and dedication touches the mind, body, heart and ultimately the spirit of those around her presently and will make a huge impact on the near future.


What more can we say about Ms. Duruhesie? She is beautiful, smart, kind and talented. This flawless beauty photo, portrays a strong woman who is very comfortable in her own skin. As we already know, confidence is the best makeup you could ever wear and good people are always beautiful. Duruhesie's inner beauty radiates from the heart to everyone catching them.


Bridget Chinenye Nwankwo of Rivers State, Nigeria!

January 01, 2015


Bridget Chinenye Nwankwo hails from Anambra State, Nigeria. She is married to her sweetheart, Ugo with whom she welcomed a beautiful baby girl late last year.


Though she lives with her family in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, she was born and bread in Lagos where she completed her elementary and high school education. As for her college education, she craved for a change of environment. She wanted to study outside Lagos, expand her scope and learn more about the diverse culture in Nigeria. So, she obtained a diploma from the University of Ife - one of the best Universities in Nigeria. She studied History and Diplomatic Studies as her first degree at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State. She later went further for an MBA at Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Nigeria. 


This adorable photo is what I call the "barbie shot" because Bridget looks so young like a fabulous fashionista. Don't you just love the ease with which she carries herself? Tight curly hairdos are known to give that very young look and Bridget has done justice to hers with the perfect hair color and a light makeup that blends so well with her top.


Her hobbies are quite simple. She loves books! She loves to read and travel. 


The happy mother of one, is a Diplomat by profession. On the side, she is into ladies accessories.


"I wish to see myself in a multinational coy in five years time as a human resource personnel." she said.


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