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Hottest Photo Of The Week (HPOTW) Winners (2014)

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Jennifer Atarhe Ejoyokah of Delta State, Nigeria!

December 28, 2014


Jennifer Atarhe Ejoyokah is from the tribe of Urhobo, Delta State in Nigeria. She resides in the oil city of Warri also in Delta State. 


She is a Human Physiologist by profession and a well-trained makeup artist. Bringing out that sparkle of beauty in every woman and boosting their self-esteem is something that comes easily to Jennifer.


She started out by making herself up whenever she had the spare time to do so. In no time, friends and family members noticed her skill and started asking her to do their makeup too. Motivated by those responses she received, she decided to turn what she initially saw as a hobby into a business. She is the owner of Vixen's Makeup and Beauty.


This is an African beauty shot of beautiful Jennifer herself. The makeup in this image is very detailed. You can see the well trimmed eyebrows; perfectly lined with dark brown eyebrow pencil with lots of emphasis on the eyes. I love how she skillfully applied the gold eye shadows and bronzers on her face and shoulders. The peach lipgloss color is cute, fresh and unconventional. In all, she has a good grasp of what works best for her skin tone.


"My hobbies include beautifying my clients or myself, reading, dancing, singing and watching musical videos


"I see myself in the future as an icon, an entrepreneur & a personality that would inspire generations to come," she added.


The languages she speaks are: English, Itsekiri and a bit of Urhobo language.

Titilope Durosinmi of Chicago, Illinois!

December 21, 2014


Titilope Nimota Shoetan Durosinmi is a Nigerian based in Chicago, Illinois. She is happily married to a very supportive husband and they have two brilliant boys together.


Titi as she is fondly called, has a B.A. in English from Lagos State University. She is from a very humble background and has always loved helping others.


When she relocated to the United States, she took her love for people to a new level by furthering her education in the noble profession of nursing. To her, this is the field she has always wanted be because there is no better feeling than being able to help the sick get better. So far, the hardworking mother has done very well for herself as a respectable Licensed Nurse. 


As a strong black woman who is able to keep her home together, her career intact and still able to further her education, Titi is that true role model whose attitude towards life should be emulated by others – especially aspiring mothers and stay-at-home wives.


Now lets talk about this stunning photo. Titi looks very vibrant in this photograph and the color mix of her African attire will look stylish on any one. The first thing I noticed when I saw this photo was peace.  You can tell she has peace because of that comfortable, calm and well-rested feel about the image. A priceless quality indeed that many lack as a result of the unpredictable nature of life and the fact that with life comes inevitable pain and loss. In order to attain this level of grace, you need to have the understanding that your happiness and how much you can impact the lives of others is all that really counts. To the likes of Titi, the phrase “Life was not meant to be easy” is rephrased as “Life was meant to be easy” because there is nothing more fulfilling than being able to change lives for the better.


“In the near future, I want to be a Nurse Practitioner,” she said.


“I am a fun loving mum who enjoys hanging out with children, I love cooking, reading, watching movies and traveling.” she added.


Olubukola Bakare Of Lagos, Nigeria!

December 14, 2014


Beautiful Olubukola Veronica Bakare is from Nigerian and she describes herself as a goal getter, a vibrant and independent woman. Born in Lagos State, Nigerian, she is a proudly a Lagosian as well.


As a Journalist, she works with Newswatch Times Newspaper with head office in Lagos, Nigeria and was recently nominated in two categories of the the Nigeria Media Merit Awards which took place in Owerri - the capital of Imo State.


Bukola's photo is one 'hot photo' and like she said, she looks very vibrant in her tasteful cream color african attire. I love the fact that she keeps chic and stylish in these neutrals - cream and silver color. The "less is more" concept also lends enviable edge to her already interesting personality.


She is fluent in English, Yoruba language and also has a smattering knowledge of Dutch. Her hobbies include: reading, travelling, cooking, watching movies and meeting people of like minds. 


In the not-too-distant future, she hopes to be on top of her game as a career woman, wife, mother and home maker.


She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Language from the Lagos State University. She is also a student member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria.


Way to go girl! You are doing great.


Rita Ejelehi Brodie-Mends

December 7, 2014


Rita Ejelehi Brodie-Mends is from Edo State, Nigeria. She is married to the love of her life, Adebayo Brodie-Mends and they both have two lovely children -a boy and a girl- together.


The Lagos State University graduate lives in Lagos where she works with the First Bank of Nigeria Limited.


We all know how demanding it is to be a banker. You have to get to work early and stay back late oftentimes. It is even more tasking for female bankers because if you are a mum, you have to juggle work and motherhood. However, our star of the week, Rita is one of those 'super mothers' who are able to juggle it all - career, family and looking fly (gorgeous). 


"I have been a mother and a banker for 10 years now and it hasn't been easy I must confess. But, inspite of my very busy schedules, I create quality time for my kids. I'm at thier school for open days and in constant touch with thier teachers and most importantly, I take my annual vacation only when they are on holidays and we try to take a holiday together and spend quality time as a family," she said.


This is a beautiful and breathtaking photograph of an elegant woman with the smile of Mona Lisa. The black and white color of the image gives it that subtlety of tones which makes the image flawless.


The 5ft 7in tall beauty's hobbies are reading, writing, traveling and meeting people.


She speaks English and Yoruba language fluently.


"In the nearest future,I see myself as a marketing communications/public relations expert and consultant," she said.



Kambili Osadolor-Ehima

November 30, 2014


Kambili Osadolor-Ehima is originally from Anambra state, Nigeria. She is married to an Igbanke man  - Ika speaking part of Edo state in Nigeria.


The mother of two lovely kids is an On Air personality (Newscaster) with Africa Independent Televison (AIT). She is the talk show host of Impact 360 with Kambili and also the publisher / CEO of Infiniti Africa Magazine.


Aside her career, Ehima said "I am working on becoming a farmer too, Lol!!!" What better way to enjoy life? Isn't it rewarding knowing where your food came from and that you worked very hard for something so important?


There is something interesting about this photogragh. I looked at it for a while wondering why I love the photo. Then I realized that this is one of those 'catchy photos' that easily sticks in your head for many years and whenever the person's name is mentioned, that image pops up in your memory. The beautiful faux fur jacket and the calmness of the photo, radiates so much elegance and softness. A lovely photo, well taken by a professional photographer. 


As for the future, "I just want to be able to touch more lives through my various life touching programmes until the Lord calls me back home. I want to be remembered for that. Finally I want to also be remembered as a media mogul in the nearest future," Kambili added. 


She speaks three different languages: English and Igbo language as well as her husband's dialect, Ika, fluently. 



Maria Ibukunoluwa Olukotun

November 23, 2014


Maria Ibukun Olukotun is from Nigeria. She is married to her long time fiance, Henry and they live together in Killeen, Texas, United States. 


Earlier this year, Maria relocated to the United States to unite with her U.S. Army husband. "Life in America is very different compared to Nigeria, but I am loving it because my husband is already used to the system and he helps me a lot. I have always wanted to try other people's culture and understand their way of life generally," she said.


Born and bread in Nigeria, Maria hails from a town called Ikare in Ondo State, Nigeria. She studied English Language at the Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria and she has always been very hardworking. So, don't let her 'signature smile' fool you. This is one hard working business lady who has a good head on her shoulders.



When I saw this photo of Ibukun - Maria's native name - I went "Whao!" This is a complete Nigerian attire. As a matter of fact, it is the latest Yoruba traditional wedding attire and this photo is from Maria's traditional wedding album. She is 100% Yoruba and a proud one at that. The beautiful Yoruba bride definitely has a very good eye. Mellow peach colored Aso Oke and a very soft cream colored lace, with a matching embroideried hand fan. She chose these nice blend of colors to make her skin glow, her eyes sparkle thereby making her entire look appear more pulled together. 


Maria's hobbies are coooking, watching movies, golfing and listening to music.


"For now, and I'm still getting used to my new environment and I am discovering new things," she said. 


"In the future I see myself starting my own business," she added.


She speaks English and Yoruba language fluently.




Chinazor Ezeh of Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria

November 16, 2014


Chinazor Ezeh is the blogger behind 'Blushes 'n Dimples' beauty blog. She is also the head makeup artist and CEO of Blushes 'n Dimples makeovers/ makeup school.

She is from Awka in Anambra state and married into Achi in Enugu state. "I am a mum of 3 adorable kids, bless them" she said. She lives in Festac Town, Lagos with her husband and children.


The graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria whose Blushes 'n Dimples beauty blog has been rated as one of the most promising beauty blogs in Nigeria, uses her blog as a medium to talk about everything pertaining to beauty. 


This particular photograph is one of Chinazor's beauty photos that shows are amazing talent. In order to achieve that coveted natural look, our star of the week made more emphasis on her eyes with eye shadow colors (green and lighter yellow)  that blends with her Bohemian head tie, and then she went subtle on other areas of  her beautiful oval face. With a skin to die for, well defined eyebrows, and saxxy big bright eyes, a little bit of maekup will definitely give you that pop of natural beauty.


Besides making people look and feel beautiful, Chinazor loves to read, write, and paint faces. She loves art and crafts as well.

"I love makeup. I love to make people beautiful.It just gladdens my heart. In the future by His special grace, I see myself producing my own brand of makeup products," she said.


She speaks English and Igbo language.

For more information on trending  makeup tips, you can check Chinazor's beauty blog at






Kimberley Efonye of Fresno, California

November 09, 2014


Kimberley Efonye is a student athlete born to a Nigerian father and a Belgian mother. She goes by the name Kim, but often called "the fastest female runner in Belgium" because of her title as the National Champion of the female 400m in Belgium.


So young and in her very early 20s, Kim's success in Belgium has drawn a world class attention and recognition to her. As soon as she stepped into the spotlight, every country wanted to be identified with her. 



Call her the female Usain Bolt. Kim is so blessed, she received 71 scholarships from schools in the United States of America and for reasons best known to beautiful athlete, she accepted the offer from Fresno State University in California and has recently relocated to Fresno, California for school and in pursuit of her career.



The business administration student said she is enjoying her new school and the American system in general. Many years from now, she hopes to start her own business and be able to give back to the society.



This is one of the photos that best represents Kim as a 'Champ.' She has that amazing body of an athlete that she could pass for a high model as well. 



They say "Unto whom much is given, much is expected." Efonye achieved her victory through hardwork and perserverence. Unlike most teens, she focused on the two important things that matters most to her - education and career. You would wonder how she joggles school and sports and still look this cute? She keeps good grades at school and as a national champion title holder, she is also preparing for 2016. 



Don't get her wrong though, she loves people and enjoys being around her family and friends. When she is not studying or training, she loves shopping and spending time with her girlfriends. 



She speaks Dutch, English and French.





Jennifer Isioma Odum

November 02, 2014


Jennifer Isioma Odum hails from Delta State, Nigeria. She lives with her family in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. She is a student musician at MUSON Center in Onikan, Lagos State.


The young aspiring music diva, who sounds like Rihanna when she sings, said her hobbies are; loves singing, swmming, reading, traveling and shopping.


What many people don't know is that Jennifer can rap and play the piano, but she is so modest about her talents that she likes to tone things down. Well, my dear, in this career path you have chosen, you need to blow your trumpet as loud as you can because your uniqueness in terms of skill set, will determine how far you will go. 


You can watch Jennifer Odum on YouTube, having fun with her piano while covering R&B singer, Rihanna's song 'Stay'


Jennifer looks so angelic in this photograph and she is not trying to be who she is not. I love it when young adults take appropriate photos that represents their true selves. You can tell by the photo that what you see is what you are most likely going to get.


Odum who is in her late teens, is definitely not scared of the spotlight. When she handles that microphone, "her silver voice is the rich music of a summer bird, Heard in the still night, with its passionate cadence".  Unlike most youngsters, she already knows what she wants her future to look like. "I see myself at the 'Next Big Thing' making waves in the contemporary entertainment/music Industry, and touching lives through my music," she said.


For more information about our Hottest Photo of the Week star, go to to listen to and download her very own soundtracks:Better Woman & Life's Journey. You will be blown away by the richness of her voice.


Isioma as she is fondly called in her native dialect, speaks the English Language and Igbo Language fluently.


We are your number one fans Jennifer! Go out there and make us proud! 




Monica Omorodion Swaida

October 26, 2014


Monica Omorodion Swaida is a Nigerian living in Boston, Massachusttes in the United States of America. She is a Nollywood actress, musician and an executive producer. 


Her new movie, "Faces of Love" which is currently playing on Iroko TV, is also on sale. So go grab a copy as soon as possible because it's a must watch movie.


As a rising star, she has featured in a total of nine Nollywood movies so far. 


The multi-talented artiste's musical single "Monicazation, My Baby is gone" is out on sale right now and you can watch the amazing music video on Youtube The full album will be out in November, so watch out for it!


Using her creativity in her acting and singing career is something she says she does for relaxation. They are things she enjoys doing and some how she has been able to impact lives positively with these beautiful gifts bestowed on her. Her fans have been very supportive and that positivity she gets from them, motivates her to continously develop her skills and style.


Monica also owns an Insurance company in massachusetts. How cool is that? It seems like whatever this lady lays her hands upon blossoms just like her beauty radiates.


I saw this photo and went, wow! Looks like one of those beauty shots taken by a professional photographer. Mature and authenthic are the best words to describe the photo.


Some of Omorodion's fun hobbies are traveling, biking, hiking and weight lifting. 


As for the future, "I see myself doing more movies and music, I have always had a passion for show business,"she said.


On how many languages she speaks, she said "This is where I suck! I'm not fluent in any Nigerian language, but I speak the Nigerian Pidgin English. I can speak some Edo (Benin) and Igbo language though." Which is not bad I'd say. Lol!!! 


Check her out on and also get photos from her fanpage monicanization online.



Ifeoma Ibe of Lagos, Nigeria

October 19, 2014


Our star of the week is none other than Ifeoma Ibe of Aguata local government in Anambra State, Nigeria.


Ibe completed her undergraduate studies at Abia State where she obtained a BSc in Estate Management. A couple of years later, she decided to go for a graduate program in the United Kingdom. Always determined, she graduated again with an MSc in International Business, Marketing and Human Resource Management from the University of Dundee.


Ms. Ibe who returned to Nigeria right after completing her studies at the University of Dundee, got a job almost as soon as she stepped her foot into Nigeria. The straight-A graduate now works as a Relationship Officer in the corporate banking division of Diamond Bank.


Ifeoma is definitely a drop dead gorgeous lady, yet she doesn't let that get into her head. She is a humble lady with a strong passion for the simple things in life and you can easily tell by her dress sense. A simple, but very classy photograph.


Ibe hobbies includes travelling, reading, meeting people and helping others.


She hopes to settle down pretty soon, start a family and live happily ever after. As career, she sees herself becoming a CEO of her very own brand management company some day.




Desola Kosoko of Lagos Island, Nigeria

October 12, 2014


Desola Nimotallah Kosoko is from Lagos Island, Nigeria. She works as a Civil Servant at the Lagos State Civil Service, Nigeria.


In 2002, the ever smiling beauty graduated with a B.A. English from the Lagos State University.


According to Desola, she has always wanted to work for the Nigerian government and make the country a more comfortable place for all. Little wonder she is doing exceedingly well as a Public Servant today.


She is best known as the lady who does African attires right. "My African wardrobe is extensive because I am very proud of the african culture, our attires are very beautiful and I feel very comfortable in them" she said.


I do aggree with 'Lady Dee' and I love African collection of clothes too. Sadly, it cost a fortune to make them in the United States because such orders are called 'Costume Made' and they don't come cheap. So, if you live in the U.S or Europe and you are considering price, this is probably not the best choice for you. You have to invest. Lol!!!


Beautiful photograph and our star of the week is wearing the complete set of the outfit - Gele (Head tie), Buba (Blouse), Wrapper, matching Slippers and a gold color Purse that goes with the top and gele.


Ms. Kosoko's hobbies includes; socializing, learning new things, cooking, dancing and traveling. 


She sees herself building a career in the Civil Service as a Human Resources Administrator.


Desola speaks English and Yoruba language fluently.




Oluwatosin Adeleye of Lagos, Nigeria

October 05, 2014


Oluwatosin Adeleye is from Lagos State, Nigeria. She resides in Lagos with the love of her life (hubby) and their three adorable children - all boys.


Tosin, as she is fondly called has a bachelors in English Language from Lagos State University, Nigeria. Her love for writting and teaching earned her a noble job as a teacher. To Tosin, "what better way to give back to the society, other than to give them the power of knowledge?"


Brilliant!!! Who wouldn't embrace Tosin's 'selfless' philosophy about life? We all know that the one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching.


According to the former Secretary-General of the United Nation, Kofi Anna"Knowledge is light, Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family." 


Tosin looks amazing in the photogragh. A true African Queen. I love the way she used strong rich colors to bring out the African beauty in her. Beautiful head tie, bold make up in red and gold, nice jewelry that matches with her head gear and outfit. I smile each time I look at the image in the photo.


Mrs. Adeyele hobbies includes cooking, playing with children, reading, teaching, singing and going to new places. 


Five years from now, Adeleye sees herself crossing over to lecturing fully in higher education.


The mother of three speaks two languagues fluently which are: English Language and Yoruba Language.



Cordelia Ejakita of The United Kingdom

September 28, 2014


Cordelia Ejakita is from Delta State, Nigeria. Ten years ago, she was crowned Miss Commonwealth and this marked the beginning of her presence in the spotlight.


Cordelia is one lucky lady who is beautiful on the outside and on the inside as well. Her easygoing,  sweet personality, made her reign so smooth and scandal-free that many wondered who she was and so, wanted to meet her in person.


The Ex beauty queen is all beauty and brains and like the saying goes, "Girls with the beauty and and Brains things are the most intimidating in the world." She is a  first class graduate of International Business from the University of Greenwich, UK. She also has an MSc in Value Chain Management from the University of Kent, United Kingdom.


At the present time, she lives in the UK where she works with a consulting firm . 


I am loving this photo! It is undoubtedly a beautiful shot and what I call a "pure" photograph. So innocent looking and unpolluted. The image in the photograph portrays a sweet-looking lady with a placid disposition. All I see is honesty, peace, respect, and responsibility.


Ms Ejakita loves outdoor activities and spending time with her family. She is not married yet, but certainly in a relationship.


Five years from now, she sees herself running her own procurement consulting firm, most likely in Nigeria.


She speaks English and a little bit of French.




Lotachukwu Okoyeigwe of Miami, Florida

September 21, 2014


Lotachukwu Okoyeigwe is from Anambra State, Nigeria. She lives in Valencia, California with her family, but had to relocate to Miami for college. She is a student of St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida, United States, where she double major in English Language and Psychology. 


She enjoys her 'alone time' and loves spending time with others as well; especially when she is feeling down. "I go with the vibes, my guts and instinct," she said.


Wow! This is a knockout shot of Lota. She looks like those high fashion models we see in a Vogue and Cosmopolitan magazines. Natural makeup, high cheekbones, hair pulled away from the face; in what looks like a ponytail and a black turtleneck top for that traditional look that will always be in vogue. You definitely don't have to smile to look bold and yet, amazing in your photographs.


Five years from now, Okoyeigwe sees herself either getting her industrial psychology licence or being in a law school.


She speaks English language as well as her native dialect, Igbo.


Susan Ike of Abuja, Nigeria

September 14, 2014


Susan Ike is a young entrepreneur in Abuja, Nigeria, whose passion vents on Fashion and Lifestyle. She is the CEO of popular Suiyke Fashion World in Abuja. A one stop shop which comprises of a Beauty Parlor, a Boutique and a Spa.


Ms Ike is from the Mbano local government area of Imo State, Nigeria. In 2004, she graduated from Abia State University with a Bsc in Information Science. Susans' love for beauty services, motivated her to complete a program in Beauty Therapy at the Beautiko College (PTY) pretoria, South Africa. In 2008, she received a Diploma in Beauty Therapy.


This is one unique photo that exude the self confidence of a lady who has her head on her shoulders. Flawless skin, nice hair and make up that complements her dress code. Her style is a little edgy and very classy. You can tell from the image in this photo that Susan is a strong business woman who enjoys what she is doing.


The youngest sister to Nollywood's veteran actor, Emeka Ike, loves singing, interacting and creating ideas. 


As for where she sees herself five years from now, she said "I see myself owning my own empire and making a statement by my business name in the business world."


She speaks English, Yoruba and Igbo language fluently.

Lola Taylor of Woodland Hills, California

September 7, 2014


Lola Taylor is a Nigerian native , born in London, United Kingdom. A graduate of Leeds University, London, United Kingdom.  She is an actress and star of a Nigerian reality TV show "Nigerian Housewives of Hollywood." She is also a master makeup artist and has worked as a makeup artist on many Indie and  major big screen films in the Hollywood  as well Nollywood film industry.


Taylor also manages models and aspiring entertainers. Recently, She opened her very own popular custom women's shoe company named, LOLA B GLAM DESIGNER SHOES. A passion that she turned into a money making venture.


She has been hosting /producing many red carpet events, musical showcases, fashion shows and community outreach events for young men and women  working to be leaders and entertainers for our societys future.


Lola Taylor is heavy in community outreach, volunteering too feed and donate clothing to the homeless and battered women while working with the inspiration booth to inspire our society to feel good about themselves and be happy to make others excited about life with something as simple as a personal compliment, smile, hello or a hug. By simply changing the world for the positive, one day at a time.


She has her own charity organization called "Lola Angel Friends Gifts". It's an organization of friends who come together and help those in need without publicizing the good deed. The 'silent good deed doers' is what she calls them.


Lola Taylor and her husband, Daveon Terry Taylor work as a team, enjoying the entertainment world and meeting like minded people.They love positive energy which they put out into the universe bringing quality, innovation, creativity and skill to the future of the entertainment industry in film, music and social events.


Lola and her husband Terry own an entertainment company called "Intense Entertainment Inc" that has over 1,000 hours of quality content, ranging from music videos, award winning web series (Run This Town the series) , documentaries and many other projects. 


Dreamy photo I would say. Lovely skin, nice hair and perfect makeup. I love the tiny tatoos too because they are not dramatic, but simply chic.


Her hobbies are attending nice events, having fun, participating in goodwill activities and networking with people of intellectual interest.


"Five years from now, I wish to be successful in every project I'm working on and be very wealthy so that I can help people more." She said.


Keep up with the nobel work Lola!!! May God bless all your efforts.



Josephine Mathisen of Oslo, Norway

August 30, 2014


Josephine Ifeyinwa Mathisen hails from two Igbo speaking parts of Nigeria: Idemili north local govt. in Anambara and Asaga Ohafia in Abia state.


In 2004, right after completing her bachelor's degree program in English Language - from the Lagos State University, Nigeria, -  she left Nigeria to reunite with her husband in Oslo, Norway. 


In Norway, she spent her first three years learning the language and understanding the cultural code. It's exactly 10 years now, since she relocated to Norway to start a new life and "Looking back there were times when I didn’t have a clue of what I was doing or what I wanted, but there was one thing I desired the most; I wanted to study again," she said. So she went for a Master Program in Literacy Studies at the University of Stavanger, in Norway.


During her final year at Stavanger, she discovered her passion for helping people restructure their lives through Social Work. Little wonder the topic of her thesis was on Migration and Literacy.  In 2013, she completed a degree in Social Work, and since then she has worked with immigrants in Norway; ranging from unaccompanied minors , victims of human trafficking and lastly, training immigrant women for the job market.


The voluptuous beauty's masters’ degree and bachelors’ degree topics studied and explored the role of women in our society.


Nice photograph showing a strong black woman who is not only proud of her African heritage, but also proud to be a role model for her fellow women. From a background of books, beautiful african artifacts, nice kinkin braids, Mathesin is toasting to something great with a mini glass cup. Very Creative!


In the future, she plans to establish an education and training center for young girls and women in a 'certain' rural area. She loves socializing and spending time with family and friends. Her hobbies include writing, listening to music and working out at the gym. She also intend to learn to make her own clothes some day and improve my culinary skills.


She speak Igbo, English and Norwegian.


Maryam Sesay of Sierra Leone

August 24, 2014


Maryam Sesay is a proud Sierra Leonean. She was born in Sierra Leone to a  well respected and devoted Muslim family. At a very young age, she and her family relocated to the United States where she and her other siblings were raised. She is the eldest of five beautiful sisters.


Ms. Sesay is the typical people's person you can imagine when it comes to managing people. She loves people, enjoys helping them - a quality that has earned her many career opportunities as well as her present job as a Director of a Residential Treatment Program.


She holds a master's degree in Health Administration from California State University and she sees herself directing a Long Term Care (LTC) facility in the future.


Maryam's photo is so chic. Lovely hat, long straight hair and a beautiful blue jean jacket over what looks like a chiffon dress or top. I love this photo because it says "sometimes you don't need make up or an expensive jewelry to take a great photograph."  Rather than focusing on make up, she chose to go dare us with this no make up concept. She did emphasize more on her clothes though, but in a very simply way. The windy beach environment also adds to the originality of the image.


Sesay loves being around her family, she enjoys dancing and socializing. In the next five years, she hopes to settle down, get married and be blessed with two children.


She speaks Creole, Arabic and English fluently.

Carlice Etame of Minnesota, United States

August 17, 2014



Carlice Etame is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, but calls Los Angeles home. She holds an MBA in Marketing from Pepperdine University. She is happily married to a wonderful Cameroonian man who owns L.A Classic Car Rental and they both have two beautiful daughters together.


She has held management positions in both private and public sectors, however her passion lies in her entrepreneurial ventures. One of her first entrepreneurial endeavors was in the apparel industry. She designed and manufactured a women’s contemporary denim line, in which she landed many accounts nationally, with Nordstrom being her most lucrative account.


Etame's current focus is her 501 C3 non-profit HIV/AIDS Solution. The foundation’s goal is to improve the quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS and to make every effort to be a part of the solution in reducing new infections.  The foundation provides outreach referral assistance for support groups, emergency shelter and food services.


The serene beauty also enjoys writing, she is currently in preparation to launch her own blog and she is  in the process of writing pitches for publications such as Essence and Fader Magazine.


Carlice's photo is that of simplicity at its best! So adorable, tasteful and simply Carlice. 


Her life motto is "Reach for moon. Even if you miss, you'll land in the stars."


Love you Carlice!!!


Sahndra Fon Dufe Of Yaounde, Cameroon

August 10, 2014


Sahndra Fon Dufe was born and raised in Yaounde, Cameroon. She is an actress, writer, activist, humanitarian, CEO, film producer, vlogger, blogger, motivational speaker, wife and above all, a woman on a mission.



Fon Dufe is described as the youngest published female author from Cameroon. At a mere 22 years of age she opened her own production company; the revolutionary African Pictures International and has continued to work towards exposing the history, culture and truth of Africa, women in general and the spirit within. 



She came to the Unites States a few years ago to pursue a career in the film industry. A Meisner trained actress and graduate of the New York Film Academy, who once entertained her family and friends and school mates is now entertaining the world with her new novel, the YEFON Trilogy; a story of a young woman who created a revolution. The book is due to premiere on the silver screen in 2015, with Sahndra being the lead role. The film in the making will star Isaiah Washington, Adriana Barazza, Jimmy Jean Louis, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Leleti Khumalo, Uti Nwachukwu and many others; it will also feature original music from the seven times Grammy nominated singer Kelly Price as well as involvement from some focus features executives.



Beautiful Sahndra is also the CEO of the Indie Production House Of African Pictures International. She has acted in several international movies and she is known for her stellar performances in blockbuster movies such as Frank Rajah’s “Refugees” alongside Yvonne Nelson; “One Night in Vegas” alongside Jimmy Jean Louis, Michael Blackson, Van Vicker, John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson; “Unconditional Love” with John Dumelo and few others including “Lost in Abroad”“Standing The Rain”“Two Princes”, “The Successor of Katunga” and “Bad Accent”.



Sahndra presently lives in Los Angeles, California. She has a soft spot for rescued kittens and antique Egyptian furniture, both of which  she said clutter her home more than they should.



This is one beautiful picture! The black and white color of the picture, mixed with faded colored flowers, all adds to that very relaxed and innocent look of the photograph.



Wow! This lady has a lot of great stuff to share..... I am so proud of her and I pray she continues to excel in her career. For more information about Sahndra Fon Dufe, check her out on her website:

Toyin Sanusi Of Lagos, Nigeria

August 3, 2014


Toyin Sanusi is from the Ijebu town of Ogun State, Nigeria.  She currently  lives in Lagos, Nigeria where she works full time. She is a graduate of Lagos State University with a B.A. in English Language.


Toyin is known for her passion for children, grace, strong sense of style and fashion. The beautiful, dark skinned lady is into event management (party planner) with a special focus on her Kiddies Entertainment business. 


Her hobbies are playing with kids, dancing, cooking, reeading and shopping. This is a special week and month for Toyin because besides being the star of the week on monspick, her birthday is tomorrow, August 4th. Leos are known for the leadership skills.


I love this picture because it's not only rich, but very catchy and very colorful. The color combination and the makeup is just right! The image in the photo is definitely that of a 'bold black and beautiful' woman.


Ms. Sanusi sees herself going into politics pretty soon. "Nigeria has become a nightmare with the ongoing terrorist attacks, instability, corruption, to name a few. I want to help put things right and make the country safe and comfortable for everyone." She said.


She speaks English Language and Yoruba fluently.


Way to go Toyin, we wish your dreams come true because the world needs good samaritans like you!!! 

Ngozi Eboru - Uwadiale Of Chicago, Illinois

July 27, 2014


Ngozi Eboru - Uwadiale is from Delta State, Nigeria. She is happily married to a wonderful man, Aigbe and they have been blessed with lovely and smart son. 


The beauty, brainy and all businesswoman is a Registered Nurse with BSc in Biochemistry. Mrs. Uwadiale is also a professional makeup artist with many years of experience. Her expertise in the 'beauty' industry has earned her 'Angel Faces Makeovers' makeup business, an household name in Chicago, Illinois, where she resides with her family.


Business is definitely booming at Angel Faces becauase - when Ngozi is not working at the hospital - she is traveling from one big event to another. For you to have the 'Makeup Ninja' at your event, she has to be booked at least 4 months ahead of time. 


I love this cute photo because you can tell by the big smile on Ngozi's face that she enjoys helping others and making them feel good about themselves from within. The only magic tool missing in this photo is a stethoscope around Ngozi's neck. For crying out loud!!! She is a RN and she knows what's up. How cool is that?


"I loves cooking, beautifying women- giving makeovers and doing art and craft with my son. I also speak English and enough french to save my life!" She added 


She wants to continue giving back to the society for the rest of her life because she believes whatever you unto others; whether good or bad, will always come back to you.

Linda Tenebe Of Hollywood, California, United States

July 13, 2014


Linde Tenebe is from Fugar, Edo State, Nigeria. The six foot tall, elegant damsel is a graduate of Auchi Polytechnic.  She is a beautician that she enjoys making women feel more confident in themselves. Her natural gift and passion for hair and makeup is the magic she uses to transform a "normal face" into that of a "diva."


The mother of one - beautiful daughter from her previous marriage - is  also into modeling. She loves to explore, she loves fashion, beauty,  cooking and meeting new people.


About the photo, this is not your regular black and white photo. As you can see it looks a little bit like something from the 80's and that era is pretty much back into the currect trends.


Ms. Linda hopes her hair and makeup business will boom and be HUGE in the future.

Toyin Adams Marcetic Of Lagos, Nigeria

July 20, 2014


Toyin Adams Marcetic is from Lagos State, Nigeria. She is a model, actress and a beautician. She also worked as a flight attendant with Dana Airlines until last year. Presently, she is trying to go into the private sector as a Cooperate Flight Attendant. How she manages to juggle all these, she said "only God knows" and laughed out loud.


This is one beautiful photo!!! You can easily tell that Toyin has a sound dress sense and a keen eye for the perfect colors that suit her ebony skin. Her makeup is "flawless" because it was obviously done by a professional (her humble self). Her lovely skin, simple hair style and the way she carries herself in the photo, shows how elegant she is.


She loves watching movies, traveling, learning new stuff. In the future, she plans to have her one cosmetic company and run a world-class Spa among other things.


She speaks English, Yoruba and Serbian language as well.






Chizi Okpala Ilo Of Abuja, Nigeria

July 6, 2014


Chizi Okpala Ilo is a happy wife and mother of one. She is from Anambra State, Nigeria.

The very first time I saw this photo, I was blown away.... I love the editorial perspective of the picture. It's absolutely not commercial at all. 


To say Chizi is a beautiful woman is like saying the obvious. Curly hair, clear skin, natural eyebrows, bright eyes and teeth, and a pop of red lipstick says a lot about her "fashionista" personality.


She loves music, fashion, traveling to historical places and above all, she enjoys being a wife to her darling - pilot- husband and a mum to her lovely son. 


As for where graduate of Lagos State University sees herself in the future, she said "I know I am on the right track, I can't say where I'll be in the future. I can only say how high I can go. I don't like limits. I am going to be the very best me."


Mrs. Ilo speaks Igbo and English language fluently.

Yay! Habiba Karatu Of California, United States

June 19, 2014


Habiba Karatu is Mon's Pick's very first HPOTW winner. This photo is a knockout because it's so tasteful and full of life. Ms. Karatu is from Kebbi State, Nigeria. She lives in Los Angeles, California where she runs her own jewelry line called, Biba Unique - which are all 100% handmade.


As for the future, she sees herself becoming one of the biggest jewelry designers because "all my jewelries are created with love" she  said. She also hopes to find her soul mate someday and be happily married with lovely kids.


The ebony beauty speaks 3 different languages: Hausa, Igbo and English language fluently.


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