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Brazilian Man Undergoes 10 Surgeries To Look Asian

25-year-old white brazilian, Xiahn was formally a blond-haired and blue-eyed man known as Max. He became fascinated with the Korean culture during his year as an exchange student in the country. In an interview with Metro, he said that his stay in South Korea, gave him the aspiration to have "slanted eyes" and dark hair. "As you know, there are thousands of Asian eye styles,.....I had one major surgery on my eyes and then small procedures to reach the correct appearance."

It was reported that he spent $3,100 on his multiple procedures to achieve the new look . Xiahn has also started dying his hair black and wearing dark contact lenses to conceal his blue eyes.

Although, he is very pleased with the final outcome of his transformation and the fame it has brought him, he emphasized "I am still Brazilian, even though I have changed the shape of my eyes".

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