Canadian Couple Lost $50 Million Lotto Ticket And Found It

A Toronto-area couple endured a roller-coaster ride of emotions when a lottery ticket worth $50 million went missing only to be found and returned by a person at their church.

Hakeem Nosiru of Brampton, Canada, discovered that he had won the January 17 lotto max draw and was just getting ready to claim the cheque the following day when the worse happened. He reported in a press conference with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation that he had duct-taped the ticket inside his wife, Abiola's purse for safekeeping because he felt he would lose the ticket out of anxiety.

The couple decided to attend a church service first and then realized that the ticket was missing after the service. The family who are originally from Nigeria, were devastated for months."I had a fly in my stomach and I couldn't sleep for days," said Abiola.

Hakeem who had already signed the ticket with his address, notified the OLG and filled out all the necessary paperwork. On April 1, the sad couple got lucky again. A fellow member of the their church who had found the ticket, gave it back to them saying "April Fools."

The happy couple have been jubilating since the discovery. The Ontario Provincial Police investigated and declared Nosiru as the true winner of the $50,000,004 lottery ticket. "We just wanted to see the reality. And the reality is right here now," said Abiola who reportedly was fighting back tears.

When the Toronto Sun asked the Nosirus how they planned to use the money, "We're going to relax with our [four] children and our [five] grandchildren." they responded. As for the woman who found the missing ticket, they are still figuring out what to do for her. "I just want to thank you" said Abiola.

The lesson learned here is glaring, whenever you play the lotto, always sign and place your address at the back of the ticket and keep it a safe place. This is a return made possible because Nosiru signed the ticket with his address.

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