Last Resort of A Nigerian Lesbian To Stop Deportation

Nigerian lesbain and asylum-seeker, Aderonke Apata, says she plans to submit a sextape of her and her partner to prove her sexuality to a UK judge.

According to Independent UK, "Aderonke Apata feels she has tried everything to persuade the Home Office she was gay. She’d sent letters from former girlfriends – both in Britain and Nigeria – and supporting statements from friends. But once her claim that she could be killed because of her sexuality if sent back to Nigeria was rejected, she felt there was only one way of providing a judge with irrefutable evidence that she was gay: by sending a very personal home video."

Ms Apata, 47 relocated to the UK in 2004 and has been seeking asylum since then. She revealed her traumatic ordeal saying “I was asked to bring my supporting documents for my judicial review for the court to look at. What evidence do we have to compile apart from letters from people? I knew we had a home video of ourselves, so I thought why not just put it in? I cannot afford to go back to my county where I will be tortured, so if I have to prove it with a sexual video, then I have to do it. I feel so bad it’s got to this stage. It’s such a desperate and precarious situation to be in, very dangerous, because anything could happen to those pictures, those videos.”

Initially, her asylum declaration was based on religion. She reported that she came from a christain home and that she married a muslim man in what was regarded as a "shame marriage" to conceal her long-term relationship with another women. Then, her husband's family turned against her as they suspected she was gay. She was taken to a sharia court, where she was sentenced to death for adultery. Sadly, her brother and three-year-old son were killed in related vigilante incidents.

Apata said ran to the UK to seek asylum, but that after being turned down twice, she had to sleep on the streets of Machester to make sure she wasn't deported.

In 2012, she arrested for using a fake visa to work as a Care Manager. She reportedly filed for asylum again -saying she feared returning to Nigerian and being persecuted for her sexaulity. The claim was denied again.

Now, she is taking desperate measures and would be presenting her sextape to the court. Ms Apata’s story has rapidly garnered mass support, with one petition demanding Theresa May halt her deportation already attracting more than 230,000 signatures.

This is a very interesting story right? What do you all think about her desperate measures to remain in the UK?

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