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Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) Dismiss Ill Health Claims

Nigerian veteran actor-turned turned politician, Richard Mofe Damijo has finally addressed rumors that he is seriously ill and emanciated.

I don't know why bad news spread like wild fire. I read about the false information on Facebook and I was very worried. I had to send text messages to a few people back home in Nigeria to confirm the news and it's so sad that even people back home are not very current about things going on in the streets. I was told by these "few people" that RMD was really sick and that we should pray for him.

I was alarmed, because my family and I are huge fans of the former actor, who is now the Delta State Commissioner for Culture & Tourism in Nigeria. I just could not believe the story. So, I decided not to blog about it because I did not want to spoil anybody's day with an information that I had doubts about.

But, thank God, RMD heard the rumors and spoke up to stop the devilish claims.

In an interview with Vanguard's Weekend Groove, he said “What else do you need? You saw me on stage, did I look sick? People are probably so disappointed to see me looking so much better they want the news to be true. Unfortunately for them, I am in the best shape of my life. Have you not taken photos of me? It amazes me how people cling to bad news. I am a public servant in Delta State, I go to work every day. I am not sick. I changed my lifestyle and lost weight and I am looking better than I have ever looked in my adult life. For the records, I am not on Facebook and my colleagues that they used their names as those who posted the stories have all denied it.”

This is why I am a strong believer of "No RIP". A new movement to stop "Reckless Internet Posting. It was created this year, by Ms. Debra Antney after her son commited suicide and investigators confirmed that he had been visiting some internet sites that spoke ill about him and his family.

We should focus more on building people's spirits and not crushing them.

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