Indian Women design Anti - Rape Jeans

According to the Indian government figures, rape occurs every 22 minutes in India. However, with the deaths of two girls, aged 12 and 14, who were gang-raped and lynched in their impoverished village last month in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, there was a public outrage over the evil act.

The public outcry has inspired two young women, Diksha Pathak, 21, and Anjali Srivastava, 23, from India’s northern Varanasi city. The women simply came up with an idea to create an "anti - rape" jeans in which they have installed a small electronic device which – when pressed – will send a call to the nearest police station.

I personally don't think this would help much, but after a string of brutal attacks in the country which have horrified the world and no sign of the situation getting better, I think this is a way to instill some kind of fear in the minds of those monsters.

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