Wao! Lupita Nyong'o Can Braid Hair?

I used to see Lupita Nyong'o as a bookworm, but this video has proved that she is just like everyone else. A true african woman with high hopes for a better life regardless of where she is based in the world.

In this Vogue video, she talked about the stress she had to go through to find someone that was good at making braids and how she had no choice, but to learn how to make African Braids after many dissapointments from those hair stylists she tried here in the U.S. She even had hopes of making extra income from it while still in her Under Grad.

For those of you with the mindset that making hair is for "dropouts," you might have to think twice after watching this video.

I love it when people are multi-talented and Ms. Nyong'o is definitely "gifted". Who wouldn't love to have a friend like her. This is someone that has planned her life at a very young age and she even takes her time when choosing people she calls friends. Now tell me, why would anyone not be successful if they are this smart about things concerning their lives?

Love you Lupita! Thanks for the share!

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