Little Girl Wants To Be Black

I saw this video yesterday and I had to replay it several times to my kids and friends. How sweet! This is a phase that most children - especially girls - have to go through.

When my daughter was in pre-school, I had to answer so many questions such as, "mummy why is my skin brown?" why don't I have "soft straight hair"? etc. and I had to explain to her that people are different and that God wanted everyone to be unique. I told her that she was black because her parents are black and that blacks normally have her kind of hair which is called "Afro". Oh! She was dissapointed and not excited at all. She probably thought there was something I could do to change her physical appearance. This was compounded by the fact that they were only 2 black kids in her class.

It was very disturbing because this is something that could affect a child's self esteem and I had to work on it immediately by redirecting her mindset. I started buying her black dolls, books about black kids as well as children of color, taking her to the movies to watch "The Princess and the Frog" because the lead character, Tiana was the first black cartoon princess, I also bought her many movies featuring black kids and even went as far as making her watch Nigerian home videos.

I knew my effort was going to make a gradual impact and it worked!!! Today, she is in grade 3 and she is always happy to say "People in my school always say I have nice hair and that I can style my hair anyhow I want to."

According to Michael Jackson, "It don't matter if you're black or white." Everyone is beautiful in their own skin. Children should be taught to love whatever they have because that's how God wants them to look.

I admire the mother of this little girl and I think it's so sweet of her to handle the situation the way she did.

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