At Least 2 Dead As Freeway Overpass Collapse In World Cup Host City In Brazil

Breaking News: An overpass that was said to be under construction as part of World Cup's infrastructure collapsed today in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. So far, two lives have been lost, with 19 people injured and a couple of vehicles destroyed reported emergency officials. A fire department spokesman also said there was still one person trapped in a car, and possibly others.

The bridge, located about three kilometres from the Mineirao Stadium where World Cup games are being played, collapsed as vehicles were passing on a busy road underneath. The overpass was meant to be completed in time for the World Cup.

The masses of the country have recently criticized their Brazilian oligarchy for spending billions on constructing brand new soccer stadiums for the World Cup, while neglecting its public infrastructure.

It's sad how people glorify soccer over lives. Just less than a week ago, I called a few people in Nigeria to confirm what we heard in the news - that there way a bomb blast in Abuja's shopping complex in Nigeria. I was shock to learn that most people were not even aware of the bombing in Nigeria. All they talked about was that Nigeria lost and that the street was quiet.

We don't have to be a victim of disaster to understand that life is the most precious asset you can ever have. We should pay more attention on protecting lives and placing other activities "like the world cup" as secondary. Mind you, accident wait to happen. I am sure the bridge was neglected because some people were busy following the world cup match.

In Nigeria, bombing has become a norm. Why won't the enemies keep causing harm? We all know that the best time for the enemies to strike and succeed is when you are unprepared and this is what is going on in Nigeria right now.

I STRONGLY think it's high time we all changed our priorities because lives cannot continue to be endangered anymore.

What do you all think?

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