9 Year Old Girl Reports Parents To The Police For Growing Pot

A nine-year-old girl in Barnesville, Minnesota walked into the city's police station and turned in her parents for growing and selling marijuana.

According to Daily Mail, the child calmly entered the station in Barnesville, Minnesota on June 6 and told officers that her parents were growing marijuana plants almost as tall as her in the crawl space beneath their home. She said she had decided to seek help because the smell of the pot smoke made her feel sick, and she also worried about her dog's health because her parents would blow smoke into its mouth.

'She was a very brave, very smart, very articulate little girl,' reported officer Ryan Beattie to the associate press. 'It was almost like interviewing an adult."She appeared to have intelligence far above a normal little girl… She gave some pretty specific information about things, like types of drug paraphernalia, that no young person ought to have knowledge about.'

Authorities searched the home and all of their discoveries - including seven marijuana plants and drug paraphernalia - were exactly where the girl said they would be.

Also, a substance that tested positive for meth was allegedly found at the scene, the Forum News Service reported.

Charges are still pending the results of lab analysis of the plants and chemicals found in the home.

The girl went as far as informing authorities that her parents smoked marijuana in the house every day and often had people over to buy it from them.

The Forum News Service reported that the parents admitted to using marijuana but, that mother claimed that it helped her symptoms of multiple sclerosis and that they sold the drug to help make ends meet.

The officers also examined two pit bulls found at the house and the animals appeared to be in good health. There was no evidence apart from the girl's statement that the parents had given the animals marijuana, but there is still a possibility they could face animal abuse charges.

The girl is currently being taking care of by her grandparents.

Previously, she had been taken into protective custody by Child Protection Services when the family lived in Cass County, North Dakota after her parents used marijuana in her presence.

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