Hottest Photo Of The Week: Chizi Okpala Ilo Of Abuja, Nigeria

Chizi Okpala Ilo is a happy wife and mother of one. She is from Anambra State, Nigeria.

The very first time I saw this photo, I was blown away.... I love the editorial perspective of the picture. It's absolutely not commercial at all.

Saying Chizi is a beautiful woman is like saying the obvious. Curly hair, clear skin, natural eyebrows, bright eyes and teeth, and a pop of red lipstick says a lot about her "fashionista" personality.

She loves music, fashion, traveling to historical places and above all, she enjoys being a wife to her darling - pilot- husband and a mum to her lovely son.

As for where graduate of Lagos State University sees herself in the future, she said "I know I am on the right track, I can't say where I'll be in the future. I can only say how high I can go. I don't like limits. I am going to be the very best me."

Mrs. Ilo speaks Igbo and English language fluently.

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