Beyonce Buys $7 Million Housing Complex For The Homeless

While many question Beyonce's philantropic endeavors? I wonder what they have to say now that we just discovered that she bought a housing estate of $7 million for the homeless in her hometown, houston, Texas.

In an interview with KHOU, Beyonce's Pastor, Rev Rudy Rasmus talked about the On The Run star's generosity to her church. "She is an incredible human being. Has an incredible heart and has been extremely helful to our mission and our ministry here. She has a global platform and is doing some amazing work and I am glad she's a friend of mine" reported the Pastor.

Rev Rasmus also added that "Yonce" donated millions to the church.

At last something very nice about Beyonce. I was already fedup with all the derogatory things people post about her on the internet. As if people are waiting for her to fail. I think we should all leave her and her family alone!!! To be kind to people you don't even know and then invest so much money into their well-being, says a lot about her mindset and that's all that matters.

What do you all think?

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