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Many Panic Over Death Oba Rauf Adeniyi Aremu Matemi Of Ikeja

Latest news coming in from Ikeja area of Lagos State, western Nigeria, suggest that fear has spread among residents in the area over the burial rites of the late Oba (King) of Ikeja Kingdom, Oba Rauf Adeniyi Aremu Matemi.

According to the local tradition in Lagos State, the funeral rites require "seven human heads" that would be buried along with the remains of the oba to serve him in the afterlife.

Oba Rauf Adeniyi Aremu Matemi, the Olu of Ikeja passed away yesterday, in his palace after a brief illness and arrangements for his funeral are currently being planned. Also, all businesses and local shops in Ikeja Local Government Area were closed as a mark of respect for the late monarch.

Information Nigeria reported that when newsmen visited the palace Wednesday morning, traditional rulers, Iyaloja, Baales, members of the Hausa community were there to mourn the monarch. It was gathered that some rituals were also being performed in the honor of the late Oba at the palace. Some traditional chiefs were also seen wearing white wrappers as well.

Attempt to find out the cause of the death of the monarch, one of his chiefs, who did not disclose his name, said such information could not be disclosed to the media because of some rituals that needed to be carried out first. “We can’t talk to the media now. There are some rituals that needed to be performed when an Oba dies and that is more important than what you came for.

“See, we don’t announce the death of a king on the pages of newspapers considering the fact that we are yet to properly inform some Obas (monarchs) of his demise,” he said.

So dear friends, please stay away from the Ikeja neighborhood especially at night. No more nightlife for now!!! The Oro Cult will be out every night to pay homage to the late Oba and the official assignment of the cult is to secure 7 human heads for the his interment.

I wonder why this barbaric act is still being practiced in this modern age? I remember 20 years ago, my family was almost a victim. Unaware of the death of the Oba of Idemu, my family decided to attend a night vigil at the Nigerian National Stadium in Lagos. On their way back, they were stopped by the Oro Cult of Idemu. Till this day, we can't explain why they released my mum, my brother, my 3 sisters and the driver.

Obviously, God heard their prayers at the vigil. "Whom God has blessed, no one can curse." Some heads are anointed and cannot be wasted for evil intentions. They (members of the cult) simply interrogated my family and the driver and then asked them to continue their jouney home and "never look back!."

Yet some people say there is no God. I don't know about you, but the God I worship is alive!!!

Let me know what your thoughts are about this story. What do you think about the idea of taking 7 innocent lives for someone that is already dead?

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