Nicki Minaj's Mother Sings Gospel

Carol Maraj, the mother of superstar rapper Nicki Minaj has taken her vocal talents to the gospel music industry. So don't expect anything crazy or super colorful like that of her daughter, Nicki.

Maraj hopes to inspire domestic violence victims with her song while offering praise to God for being good to her. The singer, songwriter, playwright, and mother has release her first Contemporary Gospel single, “God’s Been Good.”

She reported that she is devoted Christian and that Nicki was exposed to her Christian Lifestyle at an early age. Mrs Maraj strongly believes that Nicki's acknowledgement of the power of prayer and her passion to tithe, contributed immensely to her success.

After suffering an abusive marriage, Carol relocated to New York and embraced God as a result of those horrible experiences. "My husband was a drug user, and would usually come home to sleep or steal. Seeking guidance in my life, I went to church revival services with a neighbor who invited me. during service, the preacher made an alter call. My neighbor then turned and whispered, 'God is waiting for you, Carol He wants to restore your life.' she said.

She joined the church and became an active member. She also decided to stay married - with her abusive husband - hoping that God will heal the family. Eventually, her strength grew stronger in the Lord and her husband was helped by the Pastors of the church. He became a changed man for the better and that was how God restored her broken home.

Now, she feels it's her turn to give back to the society for all the love and generosity that the Lord has bestowed on her and her family. What other way can that be done if not through singing His praise and winning souls for him? "I intend to release at least five full gospel albums during my career. I also want to write a book based on overcoming the storms." She added.

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