Fearless 9-Year-Old Nigerian Girl Who Was Abducted Confronts Her Abductors

Nigerian 9-year-old school girl, Iyabo Faruk who went missing for over three years, has been found. In this video, the little girl who has been forced to "grow up" faster than her normal age, confronts her abductors.

Yesterday, July 10th, the little girl was presented to newsmen by the Police Commissioner, Umaru Abubakar Manko at the Ikeja Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. He reported that the little Iyabo was abducted from parents by a woman and has been transferred from one home to another to the highest bidder. She was only 6 at the time of the abduction.

Iyabo recounted the ordeal to reporters saying that a car pulled up close to her as she was walking to school and a woman got out of the car and dragged her into the car. She also reported that she was sold to different people whom she had to serve as a maid. She was forced to do many chores that she wasn't used to and whenever she complained to her abductors, they would beat her.

However, Iyabo whose name was changed to Blessing by her abductors, was still able to remember where her parents lived, in Oja Oba and she asked the police to help her find her parents.

While the original abductor is still at large, three women who are allegedly her accomplice have been arrested by the Nigerian police.

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