Blind Angelic Singer Discovered In Haiti

I was very humbled after watching this gospel video of a bliind 21-year-old lady known as Leonise. Her angelic voice and endearing story of an impoverished yet appreciative life were brought to light by San Antonio’s KENS5 morning news anchor Sarah Forgany during a recent visit to Leonise’s Haitian Village.

This amazing video that has gone viral, shows Leonise's tiny home where she lives with 11 other family members. They have no bathroom, no running water and no kitchen. While many would expect Leonise to complain, she's is doing the direct opposite which is singing about being thankful.

Many people have been moved by her singing talent and sincere appreciation of life. The Cross Catholic Outreach has created an online fundrasing to build a better home for Leonise and her family. The Kobonal Haiti Mission has built hundreds of solid concrete homes with four rooms, cement floors, cinder block walls and a galvanized steel roof. The family would also receive a plot of land so they can grow crops for food and income.

We want viewers to send Leonise a positive message on social media, using the hashtag "#Voices4Leonise."

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