British Family Who Almost Boarded The Malaysia Airlines MH17

According to BBC News, Barry and Izzy Sim and their baby son, would have been on the Malaysia Airlines MH17 that crashed in Russian border on Thursday July 17th. The family missed the doomed flight by a sheer of luck when they were told that there was only one seat left for the family of three. They had to be rescheduled for a later flight and a different airline, KLM.

The boeing 777-200 that was apparently shot down by a surface-to-air missile, was carrying 298 people from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Sadly, there was not a single survivor in the crash.

At Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, Izzy Sim told the BBC: "We were supposed to be on that flight". On hearing of the crash, Mr Sim told the BBC: "You get this sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. We started getting butterflies. Your heartbeat starts going."

The couple also stated that they believe that they have been "given a second chance." Mrs Sim said: "There must have been someone watching over us and saying 'You must not get on that flight'. "We are very loyal to Malaysia Airlines and we always want to fly with Malaysia Airlines." She added that her husband usually disliked flying with KLM.

"But, do you know what? At this moment we are so glad to be on that KLM flight rather than that Malaysia Airlines flight," she said.

This is why the wise would always say, "In every dissapointment, there is a BLESSING in disguise." It's better to be late (tardy) than to be late (dead). May God have mercy on us and continue to protect us especially in unforeseen disasters like this. Amen!!!

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