Hottest Photo Of The Week: Toyin Adams Marcetic Of Lagos, Nigeria

Toyin Adams Marcetic is from Lagos State, Nigeria. She is a model, actress and a beautician. She also worked as a flight attendant with Dana Airlines until last year. Presently, she is trying to go into the private sector as a Cooperate Flight Attendant. How she manages to juggle all these, she said "only God knows" and laughed out loud.

This is one beautiful photo!!! You can easily tell that Toyin has a sound dress sense and a keen eye for the perfect colors that suit her ebony skin. Her makeup is "flawless" because it was obviously done by a professional (her humble self). Her lovely skin, simple hair style and the way she carries herself in the photo, shows how elegant she is.

She loves watching movies, traveling, learning new stuff. In the future, she plans to have her one cosmetic company and run a world-class Spa among other things.

She speaks English, Yoruba and Serbian language as well.

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