Period Proof Panties That Is Helping Girls In Africa

A new period underwear is changing the way we view our period panties and it's also helping women around the world. These period panties are actually sexy!!!

According to the makers, Thinx, the panties are adorable and durable, made with moisture-wicking material, and each pair is designed to hold up to six teaspoons of liquid. They're also leak- and stain-resistant and anti-microbial.

The founders of the brand, Antonia Dunbar, Miki Agrawal and Radha Agrawal reported that 100 million girls in the developing world drop out of school due to lack of the right resources for their periods. Instead, they are using things like leaves and plastic bags that send them into hiding for a week.

In order help these young women, they wrote on their website that they "... started sharing personal underwear mishap stories and our frustrations over the current options in the underwear market." They wondered why there wasn't any stylish underwear that "didn't give us anxiety during the month over unexpected leaks, stains or embarrassment?"

The trio's idea evolved after a trip to Africa when Miki met a teenager, Amahle who couldn't attend school during her "week of shame."

"Through Amahle's story, we learned that girls all over the world needed a solution for those days of the month. In today's day and age, to have girls missing school and then dropping out because they fell so far behind simply because they didn't have the right resources every month was an unfair reality for far too many," they add. "We couldn't let this happen. We had to do something."

So they had to come up with an underwear for women's time of the month and after your undie purchase, the company will provide seven reusable sanitary pads to one girl in a developing nation. The makers of the product hopes that this would help keep the girls in school while they are on their period.

Thinx has also teamed with AFRIpads in Uganda to make the reusable pads, thereby providing local Ugandan women with job opportunities.

The styles range from sexy lace thongs for your "light days" ($24) to trendy hiphuggers for your "heaviest" days ($34). The most expensive pair, the Luxe, will set you back $47. For now, the panties are all black in color, hopefully there would be more color options to choose from.

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