Nedoye's Annual Picnic Held Yesterday In Cerritos, California U.S.A.

Again, our ladies have made us proud, collaboratively organizing and hosting one of the most memorable Nedoye Annual Picnic this year at the famed County of Los Angeles Park in the city of Cerritos. There were lost of feasting, games, activities including racing (100meters dash race) by age groups. The youths had their saddle bag races from toddlers to college age. Medals were awarded to top two places. The event took place at the famous Lake-view location with water falls overlooking the setting. BBQ prime ribs, chicken, meat pie, curry chicken, salad, hot dog, cake, hot wings, fried fish, cool aid drink, brownies, chips, salsa, artichoke spinach dip, goat meat, fried, jallof, white rice with stew, beef links were among the many specialties meticulously catered with love by our members were served. The kids had so much fun playing with toys, making new friends and running around. As with Nedoye tradition, the picnic were fantabulously indescribable, you had to be there to experience it. This is a prelude to our 2015 ENAW National Convention. Special thanks to our women, they were all great, especially Mrs. Marilyn, Mrs. Aregs, Mrs. Okundolor, and Mrs. Idahosa-Erese for taking the lead.

For more photos, please go to the Event gallary under Life & Style.


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