Pastor Paul Adefarasin Bans Church Members From Wearing Mini Skirts and High Heels

Nigerian Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House On The Rocks has officially banned his church members from wearing mini skirts to church.

According to the pastor, he had to come up with this decision due to frequent influx of ladies wearing distracting mini skirts to church and to avoid seduction in the church of God.

During his sermon last Sunday, he said "I will assume that the members that do this, are probably new or uninformed ones…but we don’t allow mini skirts in this church. If you must wear something short, make sure it covers your knees. Otherwise, an usher might need to come and complete your dressing.”

Members of his church congregation were not the only ones whose dress code was checked. Pastor Adefarasin also warned the female choir members from wearing high-heels shoes when ministering.

When the Pastor asked for a witness, a large portion of the congregation shouted a resounding “yes”.

Way to go if you ask me. I remember going to House on The Rocks in 2003 and it's almost like everyone was competing against each other. I loved the sermons and the pastors, but when I looked at the way people dressed to the church, it's very distracting because all I kept thinking was "what are the intentions of these people?"

I hope they listen to the pastor and show some dignity. The is suppose to be the house of God and not a night club.

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