Doll Test: Misconceptions About Race

Wow! This is a shocking revelation about what goes on in the heads of chidren. This study was first done the 1940s by Kenneth and Mamie Clark and then repeated again in the 1950s.

The 'Doll Test' goes to show that racism in America HAS NOT DECREASED. It's just been altered to "appear" as if it has eradicated. As adults, we tend to pretend a lot and act as though everything is equal and normal. But, that's the wonderful thing about children of the age in this video. They're still way to young to figure out how to contrive a lie...

This is why I buy my kids toys of different races and I ensure they have more of the black dolls or super heroes because you have to love yourself first to be able to love others. I just can't explain why these kids felt the way they did in the video. It's more like self-hate. So sad.....

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