Hottest Photo Of The Week: Toyin Sanusi Of Lagos, Nigeria

Toyin Sanusi is from the Ijebu town of Ogun State, Nigeria. She currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria where she works full time. She is a graduate of Lagos State University with a B.A. in English Language.

Toyin is known for her passion for children, grace, strong sense of style and fashion. The beautiful, dark skinned lady is into event management (party planner) with a special focus on her Kiddies Entertainment business.

Her hobbies are playing with kids, dancing, cooking, reeading and shopping. This is a special week and month for Toyin because besides being the star of the week on monspick, her birthday is tomorow, August 4th. Leos are known for the leadership skills.

I love this picture because it's not only rich, but very catchy and very colorful. The color combination and the makeup is just right! The image in the photo is definitely that of a 'bold black and beautiful' woman.

Ms. Sanusi sees herself going into politics pretty soon. "Nigeria has become a nightmare with the ongoing terrorist attacks, instability, corruption, to name a few. I want to help put things right and make the country safe and comfortable for everyone." She said.

She speaks English Language and Yoruba fluently.

Way to go Toyin, we wish your dreams come true because the world needs good samaritans like you!!!

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