See Eight Year Old Tudor Mendel-Idowu Who Came Second In UK Child Genius Contest

EIGHT year old Nigerian boy Tudor Mendel-Idowu has come second in the UK's Child Genius of the Year 2014 competition in a natural talent contest involving 20 children altogether.

He was shortlisted alongside his 11 year old sister Hazelle Mendel-Idowu, and was judged second best in the contest which was open to seven to 12 year olds. The Mendel-Idowu siblings were the only Nigerians to take part in the contest.

At the competition, the youngsters faced two gruelling rounds of questions during which they had just one hour to commit 104 randomly shuffled playing cards to memory. They were tested in logic and reasoning as well as memory recall.

His sister, Hazel dropped out of the competition in the second round, but Tudor scaled through to the final stage, but lost the U.K's 2014 Child Genius title to 11-year-old Sharon from Bolton.

Tudor and Hazelle are the children of Pastor and Mrs Tolu Mendel-Idowu.

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