HPOTW: Congratulations To Star of The Week Lola Taylor of Woodland Hills, California

Lola Taylor is a Nigerian native , born in London, United Kingdom. A graduate of Leeds University, London, United Kingdom. She is an actress and star of a Nigerian reality TV show "Nigerian Housewives of Hollywood." She is also a master makeup artist and has worked as a makeup artist on many Indie and major big screen films in the Hollywood as well Nollywood film industry.

Taylor also manages models and aspiring entertainers. Recently, She opened her very own popular custom women's shoe company named "LOLA B GLAM DESIGNER SHOES". A passion that she turned into a money making venture.

She has been hosting /producing many red carpet events, musical showcases, fashion shows and community outreach events for young men and women working to be leaders and entertainers for our societys future.

Lola Taylor is heavy in community outreach, volunteering too feed and donate clothing to the homeless and battered women while working with the inspiration booth to inspire our society to feel good about themselves and be happy to make others excited about life with something as simple as a personal compliment, smile, hello or a hug. Changing the world for the positive, one day at a time.

She has her own charity organization called "Lola Angel Friends Gifts". It's an organization of friends who come together and help those in need without publicizing the good deed. The 'silent good deed doers' is what she calls them.

Lola Taylor and her husband, Daveon Terry Taylor work as a team, enjoying the entertainment world and meeting like minded people.They love positive energy which they put out into the universe bringing quality, innovation, creativity and skill to the future of the entertainment industry in film, music and social events.

Lola and her husband Terry own an entertainment company called "Intense Entertainment Inc" that has over 1,000 hours of quality content, ranging from music videos, award winning web series (Run This Town the series) , documentaries and many other projects.

Dreamy photo I would say. Lovely skin, nice hair and perfect makeup. I love the tiny tatoos too because they are not dramatic, but simply chic.

Her hobbies are attending nice events, having fun, participating in goodwill activities and networking with people of intellectual interest.

"Five years from now, I wish to be successful in every project I'm working on and be very wealthy so that I can help people more." She said.

Keep up with the nobel work Lola!!! May God bless all your efforts.

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