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Press Conference Brawl: What Would Make Eddy Kenzo Act Out of Character?

Uganda's popular singer, Eddy Kenzo was recently at a press conference where he attacked a journalist, KuKu Wazabanga for interrupting him during the conference. Wazabanga took all the beating respectfully and even told the press that he wasn't going to press charges.

According to a Ugandan woman who interpretted the reason behind the unexpected attack, Kuku Wazambanga was trying to make up fake stories about Kenzo and while Kenzo tried to defend himself, the journalist kept interrupting him.

Well, I guess this is a lesson to all rumormongers like Kuku Wazabanga. Even an angel would go off at some point epecially when they are being falsely accused of something.

Eddy Kenzo is the singer whose hit song "Sitya Loss" has remained the most popular song from Africa.

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