Shocking: How Men React To Heavy Set Women On A Blind Date

This is actually a social experiment on how men react to a heavy set women also known as a "fat" woman on a blind date.

Skeevy pickup site Simple Pickup just released this video that shows how terribly overweight women are treated in the world of online dating.

In the video, a beautiful woman uploads a Tinder profile, showing off defined abs in a bikini and generally looking Victoria's-Secret-model-esque. She sets up dates with a handful of men, but before the date she dons a full-body fat suit. Depressing dates ensue.

There is also made a video of a reversed gender roles. And what happened? Did the overweight guy get ditched like the woman did? No, after some initial incredulity he was offered second dates and even got a kiss from one woman. This is a clear indication that women often times her not really into looks, but more into personality and whatever makes them happy.


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