HPOTW: Congratulations To Star of The Week Cordelia of The United Kingdom

Cordelia Ejakita is from Delta State, Nigeria. Ten years ago, she was crowned Miss Commonwealth and this marked the beginning of her presence in the spotlight.

Cordelia is one lucky lady who is beautiful on the outside and on the inside as well. Her easygoing, sweet personality, made her reign so smooth and scandal-free that many wondered who she was and so, wanted to meet her in person.

The Ex beauty queen is all beauty and brains and like the saying goes, "Girls with the beauty and and Brains things are the most intimidating in the world." She is a first class graduate of International Business from the University of Greenwich, UK. She also has an MSc in Value Chain Management from the University of Kent, United Kingdom.

At the present time, she lives in the UK where she works with a consulting firm .

I am loving this photo! It is undoubtedly a beautiful shot and what I call a "pure" photograph. So innocent looking and unpolluted. The image in the photograph portrays a sweet-looking lady with a placid disposition. All I see is honesty, peace, respect, and responsibility.

Ms Cordelia loves outdoor activities and spending time with her family. She is not married yet, but certainly in a relationship.

Five years from now, she sees herself running her own procurement consulting firm, most likely in Nigeria.

She speaks English and a little bit of French.

You go girl!!!

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