White Woman Sues Sperm Bank Over Sperm From Black Donor

A white woman from Ohio is sewing a sperm bank over sperm from an African-American donor and she is demanding for some compensation to deal with the unplanned situation.

According to Jennifer Cramblett, she and her same sex -partner, Amanda Zinkon, discovered the mix-up - quite late - when she (Jennifer) was already five months pregnant.

In the lawsuit, Cramblett, 36, claims the lab mix-up has caused her and her partner added stress and anxiety as they struggle to raise their 2-year-old biracial daughter, Payton, in their “racially intolerant” community of Uniontown, Ohio, the Chicago Tribune reported.

In an interview with CNN, Cramblettt said "There are things I don't feel I have the background to even know. It is things we have to go out and research and talk to people and figure out how to do as simple as a daily chore of doing your hair."

The upset mother, made headlines this week after she filed a lawsuit against the Chicago-area Midwest Sperm Bank for wrongful birth and breach of warranty. She said she and her partner wanted a child that would bear some of their resemblance and that they did found a donor with those traits - such as blond hair and blue eyes and they ordered for it. Sadly, they were given the wrong sperm.

While people speculated that the couple were racist, Cramblett, who spoke with her lawyer present, said “We love her -- she’s dream come true."

“For people to think I don’t want this child because of her skin tone is just not the case. It angers me that people would even think I don’t want my child,” She said.

The mix-up

According to CNN, Cramblett said her "shock" came when she called Midwest Sperm Bank in April 2012 to secure more vials for a second pregnancy.

"When I called to order that sperm and the vials, I asked them for (donor) 380 and they came back on the line and said I do believe we have sent you donor number 330, are you sure that's not what you asked for?" said Cramblett.

"They came back on the line and then had asked me if I had requested an African-American donor. At that point, I said no, 380 was blond-haired, blue-eyed, resembling my partner, Amanda. They said we believe 330 is an African-American donor. We can no longer talk to you anymore," she added.

The mix-up stemmed from Midwest Sperm Bank's record-keeping procedures, according to a complaint filed in Circuit Court in Cook County, Illinois, where the company's main office is located. The sperm bank's records are kept manually, ink-on-paper, not electronically, according to the lawsuit.

"To the person who sent Jennifer vials of sperm in September, 2011, the number '380' looked like '330'," the complaint stated.

CNN called Midwest Sperm Bank. A woman who answered the phone and refused to identify herself said, "sorry, we have absolutely no comment."

This is crazy. If I were in Cramblett's shoes, I would sue too. You have to give people what they order for. Here is a white woman who does not know how to maintain a 'black' hair. The whole experience must have been strange to her.

We know how difficult it is to maintain a black child's hair especially Afro. She probably don't even know how to make cornrows. Obviuosly, she and her partner have bonded with their daughter, but they still deserve to be compensated for the “emotional distress" and “economic and non-economic losses” that they endured. Not fair at all!!!

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