Kenyan Pastor Caught - Pants Down - Having Sex With Another Man's Wife

Nairobi, Kenya: An anglican pastor by the name Charles Githinji is in hot water, after allegedly getting caught on video with a young woman in his hotel room, and the incident — and many others like it — has spurred the new hashtag #PantsDown, according to the BBC.

Githinji claims that he was he was lured to the hotel room by the woman who said she needed urgent prayers because she was sick.

In the video, the pastor is seen nervously putting his clothes back on after being caught by the husband of the lady and the cameramen.

According to reports, the lady and her husband her members of the church where Githinji ministers at. The man who claims to be the spouse of the lady is seen beating her as shocked residents watch. Sadly, the husband did not lay a finger on the pastor, but instead, he walks out of the hotel with him ( the pastor) as if he is innocent.

This is the sad plight of women in some countries. We know the woman is undeniably quilty, but what about the "so called pastor?"

A pastor is an ordained leader of the Christain faith and their duties are not only to preach the gospel, but to live by it as well. They also give advice and counsel people. However, here is a pastor who is using that opportunity to "covet another man's wife." Yet, in fury, the hubby of the woman is raining blows on her while still being intimidated by the pastoral image of this 'evil' man of God.

What is going on? Have people lost their minds?

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