Ghetto Kids Debut Their Very Own Song 'Osobola'

The Ghetto Kids are back! If you don't know these young african dancers, you're definitely missing out. They have released their own inspirational song, "Osobola “ which means 'YOU CAN'. The message in the song is that everyone in the world can get what he or she wants no matter the difficulties that one goes through to achieve his or her goal.

All the way from Uganda, they made their debut in the 'Sitya Loss' music video of Uganda's superstar artist, Eddy Kenzo, where they showed us their unique and playful dance moves.

The beautiful message behind Sitya Loss, ( life is precious, but short. It must be lived, and danced to, while it can be!), it's African authenticity and enthusiastic dancers, made the video go viral as soon as it was released to the public. It has since then become the most popular african song and the most viewed african music video on Youtube.

The international attention that came with the success of Sitya loss, brought the Ghetto Kids into the spotlight as well. The group decided to put together a different video in which they danced to Sitya loss song on a village street, garnering millions of views. They have become one of the most sort after dancers in Uganda.

In an interview with BBC News, one of the dancers said "Dance changed my life."

According to Ghetto Kids dance trainer and creator of the Ghetto Kids Movement, Dauda Kavuma these kids have created a career for themselves through dancing and singing. They go on tour and feature in big music concerts.They have all been able earn decent money to pay their school fees and are now back in school. One of them has made his family more comfortable by taking them out of the streets and renting an apartment for them.

Watch the new music video by the Ghetto Kids!!! My son kept rewinding and dancing to the the video. He was sweating so much, I had to turn off my computer. I guess being an african child, he was able to relate with the kids as well. Lol!!! Beautiful video!!!

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