HPOTW: Congratulations To Star of The Week Monica Omorodion Swaida of Boston, Massachusetts

Monica Omorodion Swaida is a Nigerian living in Boston, Massachusttes in the United States of America. She is a Nollywood actress, musician and an executive producer.

Her new movie, "Faces of Love" which is currently playing on Iroko TV, is also on sale. So go grab a copy as soon as possible because it's a must watch movie.

As a rising star, she has featured in a total of nine Nollywood movies so far.

The multi-talented artiste's musical single "Monicazation, My Baby is gone" is out on sale right now and you can watch the amazing music video on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uY8atdUjCwA The full album will be out in November, so watch out for it!

Using her creativity in her acting and singing career is something she says she does for relaxation. They are things she enjoys doing and some how she has been able to impact lives positively with these beautiful gifts bestowed on her. Her fans have been very supportive and that positivity she gets from them, motivates her to continously develop her skills and style.

Monica also owns an Insurance company in massachusetts. How cool is that? It seems like whatever this lady lays her hands upon blossoms just like her beauty radiates.

I saw this photo and went, wow! Looks like one of those beauty shots taken by a professional photographer. Mature and authenthic are the best words to describe the photo.

Some of Omorodion's fun hobbies are traveling, biking, hiking and weight lifting.

As for the future, "I see myself doing more movies and music, I have always had a passion for show business," she said.

On how many languages she speaks, she said "This is where I suck! I'm not fluent in any Nigerian language, but I speak the Nigerian Pidgin English. I can speak some Edo (Benin) and Igbo language though." Which is not bad I'd say. Lol!!!

Check her out on www.facesoflovemovie.com and also get photos from her fanpage monicanization online.

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