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HPOTW: Congratulations To Star of The Week Jennifer Isioma Odum of Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria

Jennifer Isioma Odum hails from Delta State, Nigeria. She lives with her family in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. She is a student musician at MUSON Center in Onikan, Lagos State.

The young aspiring music diva, who sounds like Rihanna when she sings, said her hobbies are; singing, swmming, reading, traveling and shopping.

What many people don't know is that Jennifer can rap and play the piano, but she is so modest about her talents that she likes to tone things down. Well, my dear, in this career path you have chosen, you need to blow your trumpet as loud as you can because your uniqueness in terms of skill set, will determine how far you will go.

You can watch Jennifer Odum on YouTube, having fun with her piano while covering R&B singer, Rihanna's song 'Stay'

Jennifer looks so angelic in this photograph and she is not trying to be who she is not. I love it when young adults take appropriate photos that represents their true selves. You can tell by the photo that what you see is what you are most likely going to get.

Odum who is in her late teens, is definitely not scared of the spotlight. When she handles that microphone, "her silver voice is the rich music of a summer bird, Heard in the still night, with its passionate cadence". Unlike most youngsters, she already knows what she wants her future to look like. "I see myself at the 'Next Big Thing' making waves in the contemporary entertainment/music Industry, and touching lives through my music," she said.

For more information about our Hottest Photo of the Week star, go to to listen to and download her very own soundtracks: Better Woman & Life's Journey. You will be blown away by the richness of her voice.

Isioma as she is fondly called in her native dialect, speaks the English Language and Igbo Language fluently.

We are your number one fans Jennifer! Go out there and make us proud!

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