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Texas Woman Undergoes Massive Breast Reduction

Many of us love big breasts not just because they are beautiful and they give an effortless cleavage, but also because most men are into them. However, it' good to keep the size moderate so you don't look all plastic.

In the case of Kerisha Mark, she suffered from a condition known as Gigantomastia - that girls as young as 14-year-0ol can develop - which made her breasts to grow naturally into a size 36NNN with all of the pain, embarrassment and physical hardships that went along with it.

After many years of discomfort, Kerisha and her mother decided it was time she went under the knife for a breast reduction.

According to Houston's most renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose, Kerisha’s case was the worst he’s seen in 30 years.

The operation was more like the best birthday gift that Kerisha could throw for herself as she celebrated her 40th birthday with the surgery.

“I was like happy birthday to me.” she said.

This is a new page in her life and she wants to be known for the woman she is, a wife, mother and school social worker, not the heavy breasts that has prompted stares and whispers since high school.

“My first time at boot camp, I did a jumping jack and my bra snapped,” Mark told Houston’s ABC affiliate.

"I started to have really bad headaches. Women and men want to touch them to see if they are real. It's real intimidating," she added.

"Nobody could support this additional weight," Rose said. "She would have ended up almost a hunchback given 30 more years." After three hours in the operating room, Rose removed 15 pounds of breast tissue.

She said “after I got home, I did cry. It was like I mourned the death of them, it was like a divorce.”

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