Meet The New Doll With Zits And Stretch Marks That Every Kid Wants

Lammily Doll is the new doll rumored to be the "new" Barbie. This average body doll took the media by storm when it was first introduced. Barbie is known to be extremely skinny like some high fashion model in Paris, while Lammily was created to influence young girls to love their body shapes and sizes no matter what.

Lammily is based on the average height, weight, hair length+colour, and average shoe size of an American woman. She has a supposedly 'healthy' lifestyle, where she goes to work dressed professionally, keeps fit and loves animals. She wears minimal makeup and looks natural, dresses casually.

Many believes Barbie's unrealistic perfection sets little girls up for failure and this is the reason why Nickolay Lamm created Lammily to help build the self-esteem of young girls.

The doll can be customized with removable stickers of real-life flaws, such as stretch marks, cellulite, acne, freckles and scrapes. She even comes with temporary tattoo sticker. Like Barbie, you can customize her wardrobe as well.

Lammily Exclusive First Edition go for $25.00

Though the doll comes in standard brunette, Lamm's sole purpose for creating these dolls is to promote the fact that 'average' is beautiful.

A video showing how a group of 2nd grade students - of St. Edmund's Academy, an independent, preschool to 8th grade day school in Pittsburgh, PA.- reacted to the Lammily doll.


Lammily the realistic fashion doll



Lammily with her removable tattoos


Lammily with all her perfect imperfections: stretch marks, scar and cellulites


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