Taylor Swift Is Billboard's 2014 Woman of The Year!!!

Don't you just love Taylor Swift? She has added another honor to her name as Billboard's 2014 Woman of the year. The title was given to the 24-year-old Grammy-winning singer in October, more than two weeks before the release of her new album 1989, which broke sales records. It also debuted in the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 Albums chart and recently returned there.

Here are beautiful photos from the photo shoot she did for the music magazine, Billboard.


This is the cover of Billboard "Women in Music" issue, released on Friday. On it is a close-up profile photo of Taylor.



Swift leaning on a vintage chair while sitting on the floor in a strapless, striped ball gown, beside a couple of picture frames.

According to E! Online, Billboard named Swift Woman of the Year in 2011, a year after she released her country album Speak Now and a year before she dropped her country and pop album Red—an ode to the emotions she was feeling when she made it. She is still usually seen in public with red lipstick. Over the past year, she's toned it down, such as at the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, where she performed in sexy outfits while sporting both red and pink shades.

The singer, who began her music career in country music capital Nashville, has transformed her look several times over the years and her major 2014 physical change, a sassy, shorter hairstyle, was accompanied by a move to New York City and a full transition from country to pop music, with the release of 1989. The album contains the 2015 Grammy nominated hit "Shake It Off," which was certified platinum four times (more than 4 million copies sold), and "Blank Space," which was certified platinum.

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