For The Laughs: The Nigerian Pidgin English Bible is out !!!


One of the popular chapters is Psalm 23, and it reads:

1. The Lord na my shepherd, I dey kampe.

2. Him make me sidon for where betta dey flow and come put me near stream make ma body thermacool.

3. Him panel beat ma soul come spray am white, come dey lead me dey go through express road of righteousness sake of Him name. ...

4. No shaking, even if I waka pass where arm robber, 419 and juju people boku, come even join boko haram reach valley of the shadow of death sef, ma bodi dey inside cloth. Your rod and staff nko? Na so dem dey, like back bone dey comfort me.

5. You don prepare good food on top table make I chop. All ma enemies dey look wa wa wa. You come rub me for head with vaseline intensive lotion, ma cup come become River Niger wey overflow hin bank.

6. True true, betta life and mercy go gum mi back till I quench. And man pikin go tanda for God house gidigba from lai lai to lai lai, Amen.

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