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Racism? Jamie Foxx Responds To Black 'Annie' Haters


Brand new Annie with her fellow casts

Racism is not new in America, but it saddens me to see and hear people critic 9-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis for acting as Annie simply because she is a person of color. We know the original 1982 movie featured redheaded little Aileen Quinn. A white little girl who captivated the world with her high spirited personality. But, who cares if the Annie is black, white, hispanic, indian or asian? It's kids movie. Just like Jamie Fox said, it's for the arts. Children don't mind such things as long as the message remains the same and they find it interesting.


The original Annie (little Aileen Quinn) with her fellow 1982 casts

Mind you, things cannot remain the same forever. The world is constantly changing for the better. Movie producers have to cater to their audience regardless of their ethnicity. We now have a black Disney princess, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. In 1997, Brandy acted as a black Cinderella alongside the late Whitney Houston- her fairy godmother. Also just recently this year, Keke Palmer played the role same role - as Cinderella - in the Broadway's version. So what's the fuss about? I see no reason why a child of color should not play the role of such a hopeful and brilliant little foster kid.

Here are some negative comments posted by some silly adults towards the black and beautiful Annie.

I don't like this remake of Annie. Annie is a classic and Annie is white with red curly hair. Nothing wrong with dark skinned people, it's just not Annie. — Taylor Hartwell (@tayylorhartwell) March 6, 2014

Just seen new Annie trailer. Don't mean to sound racist as it does look amazing. But WHY THE F*** IS ANNIE BLACK?! Should be ginger & white — Evie @eveyyy3

I'm not racist but ANNIE IS NOT BLACK. She is a cute little white girl with red curly hair, she does not have an Afro — Megan Stone (stonemegan14)

The full trailer

A must watch movie!!! My kids and I are seeing it tommorrow for sure.

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