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HPOTW: Congratulations To Star of The Week Jennifer Atarhe Ejoyokah of Delta State, Nigeria


Jennifer Atarhe Ejoyokah is from the tribe of Urhobo, Delta State in Nigeria. She resides in the oil city of Warri also in Delta State.

She is a Human Physiologist by profession and a well-trained makeup artist. Bringing out that sparkle of beauty in every woman and boosting their self-esteem is something that comes easily to Jennifer.

She started out by making herself up whenever she had the spare time to do so. In no time, friends and family members noticed her skill and started asking her to do their makeup too. Motivated by those responses she received, she decided to turn what she initially saw as a hobby into a business. She is the owner of Vixen's Makeup and Beauty.

This is an African beauty shot of beautiful Jennifer herself. The makeup in this image is very detailed. You can see the well trimmed eyebrows; perfectly lined with dark brown eyebrow pencil with lots of emphasis on the eyes. I love how she skillfully applied the gold eye shadows and bronzers on her face and shoulders. The peach lipgloss color is cute, fresh and unconventional. In all, she has a good grasp of what works best for her skin tone.

"My hobbies include beautifying my clients or myself, reading, dancing, singing and watching musical videos

"I see myself in the future as an icon, an entrepreneur & a personality that would inspire generations to come," she added.

The languages she speaks are: English, Itsekiri and a bit of Urhobo language.

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