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Whao! Ever Wondered Why Indian Students Are So Brilliant? Here Is Why.


This is really amazing. It's all in the mind. These kids have mastered the mental arithemetic technique and it's so easy for them to come up with the correct answers in very short time!

The secret is the Abacus, an ancient calculating device that offers remarkable benefits for training young minds in Arithemetics and mental calculation.

I think every country should try this method of teaching for our young children. Today, the world is very competitive and in order to stand out amongst your peers, every child needs to be bright, fast thinking and good with number.

Being good with numbers is also very important as part of most job requirements.

Now the big question is, should we encourage the skill of using a calculator as a tool, or the critical thinking supported by practices similar to the one shown in this video?

Isn't this amazing? If my teachers had known this method of mental calculation, maybe my favorite subject would have been Maths. Lol!

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