President Jonathan's Loved Son Surfaces?

jona's son.jpg

A young man by the name Ibime Belema Jonathan is claiming to be the loved child of Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan.

According to, the 24-year-old man is more than the President’s photo copy identity, he could pass for a cloned image of the man who’s contending for his second term as Nigeria’s first citizen.

If this ended up being the truth, the press would definitely be agog for a while owing to the claims from this young man.

On his twitter handle, the youngman spilled the beans yesterday when he wrote "my mother was a receptionist in a Port Harcourt hotel (which shall remain undisclosed) when she met Goodluck Jonathan nearly 25 years ago. Their relationship was made private because of the risks it posed to Goodluck's then rising political status. He has decided to disclose this information after recently being informed by his mother, who had just passed away. It is my desire for my father to assume and fulfill his fatherly duties after a lifetime of absence." Ibime Belema-Jonathan said.

He sure looks like Mr. President. If the President accepts him as his child, that would be something very interesting.

What do you all think? The resemblance is just too much to deny......

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