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Jay Z Slammed With Paternity Lawsuit By Alleged Son, Rymir Satterthwaite

American rapper Jay Z is currently on all the tabloids you can think of because a young man bt the named Rymir Satterthwaite claims he is the loved child of the rapper. Rymir allegedly told a court in New Jersey that his mother Wanda had an affair with Carter in the 1990s.

According to National Enquirer, the 21-year-old aspiring rapper claims the music mogul and his mother, Wanda, hooked up two decades ago before he met Beyonce. Therefore he is now demanding that Jay Z takes a paternity test to prove he is not his biological father.

As we already know, Jay Z avoids drama as plaque, but it seems the young man is not relenting in his quest to get his 'alleged father' to take responsibilty as his father.

Court records revealed that the 45-year-old rapper was sued by Satterthwaite in 2014.

The young man's legal guardian, a paralegal named Lillie Coley claims Carter and his lawyer Lise Fisher reported 'fraudulent' and 'false' information to a judge leading to the case being dismissed, according to the report.

Jay Z is yet to comment on the allegations.

Even if this story is true, this was before Jay Z met Beyonce. Maybe he wasn't even aware about Wanda's pregnancy.

One thing we know for sure though, is that the 'Queen B' will stand by her man "for better for worse."


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