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The Kardashians Are Not Getting Paid $100 Million For 4 Seasons, But Close

You all must have heard rumor that popular reality TV family, The Kardashians would be getting $100 million for four seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Well, that isn't really the real deal.

According to NBCUniversal, those reports were "grossly inaccurate," which was total exaggeration because the family is said to be still getting $80 million, with ratings bonuses. The deal is for three seasons, with a fourth season option, and will still be on E!.

One we know for show is that this family has made a fortune from just putting themselves out there and living a flamboyant life.

Also recently, we learned that Kylie Jenner is buying a Mansion in Calabasas, California. It is a 5-bedroom home worth about $3 million. But, still feeling like a fish fresh out of water, Kylie's new home is about block away from her sisters', Kourtney and Khloe. She is only 17!

She plans to move into her new home by August, which is the same period she would be turning 18. Hmmm... I think this young lady has some plans....

Anyway, buying a house is one of the best investments in the world because it offers financial and emotional benefits. So, smart move Kylie!


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