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Two of A Kind: The Aylmer Twins of Mixed Race

Meet the twins you can easily tell apart! As a matter of fact, people hardly believe they are sisters, let alone twins.

Maria and Lucy Aylmer, 18, are fraternal twins. Born in the United Kingdom on January 1997 to a white father, Vince and a black mother , Donna who is half Jamaican.

These girls often times have to go as far as showing their birth certificate to prove that they are truly blood-related as twins.

However, these two adolescents don't always have the same interest in things.

While Maria studies law at Cheltenham College, her 'shy' sister Lucy studies art and design at Gloucester College.

Other siblings - George, Chynna and Jordan - all have darker skin tone than Lucy, but are lighter than Maria; which puts the twins at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Even when they dress alike, “No one ever believes we are twins because I am white and Maria is black,” Lucy Aylmer said.

‘We were in the same class, but no one had a problem telling us apart. Twins are known for swapping identities. But there was no way Maria and I could ever do anything like that.

‘Most twins look like two peas in a pod – but we couldn’t look more different if we tried. We don’t look like we have the same parents, let alone having been born at the same time,’ she added.

Sadly, Donna, 47, a warehouse worker, and Vince, 53, who works as a scaffolder, split up after the twins were born.


Lucy (pictured left ) and Maria (pictured right) now 18- year-old adolescents.



Family picture when the kids were much younger.


Family pictures (without Dad) with Mum and now adult children

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