YouTube #Dear Me: What Advice Would You Give To Your Younger Self?

In preparation of International Women's day - Sunday, March 8- YouTube has launched its #DearMe campaign, inviting women speak to their younger selves.

This campaign has gone viral on social media because we all have one or two things from the past that we wish we had maintained, changed or tweak just a little bit.

#DearMe encourages women to tweet, blog or film a message to their younger selves. The cause has been taken up, and the results have been amazing and inspirational.

Now that you are older, you have probably learned from mistakes, situations you had no control over or betrayal. You have come a long way and have gained knowledge from life in general. If you are asked to advise your younger self, what would you say?

YouTube invited popular vloggers, such as Lilly Singh, Sherry Shroff, Brittani Louise Taylor, Felicia Day, Shruti Anand and Hannah Hart, to weigh in and share their advice to their younger selves. These ladies advice ranges from "don't worry about the way you look so much" to "stop worrying about being normal" to "stop trying too hard to be something you're not."

According to SheKnows, these comments reflects how many teen girls, suffer from self-doubt, a lot of second-guessing and a lot of fear centered on appearance and acceptance.

Before I ask you guys to leave "your advice for your younger self" on this post, here's mine:

#Dear Me,

Looking back now, I wouldn't change nothing. Not that my past was perfect, but the few mistakes I made - by being in the wrong crowd and chasing your dreams with people who were scared of your success - got you to where you are today. For you to make it on your own, something had to push you to your destiny.

You have grown intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. I'm glad you cut a lot off 'unhealthy' bridges, you've made new friends, you challenge yourself more by investing on you and placing all your trust in God.

So, my advice is that you should keep looking forward for I know the Universe is smiling on you and I am living the best of the rest of my life just because you made the right decisions.

Watch this inspirational YouTube video below:

Let's keep this positive outlet #DearMe going by sharing our advice with everyone who matters. What's your #DearMe?

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