#TheDress Reappears In A New Light On Salvation Army Ad Campaign

The visually confusing picture of the black-blue/white-gold dress (#thedress) that caused a worldwide debate last week, has been referenced in a new ad campaign against domestic violence and abused against women by the Salvation Army in South Africa.

The ad which was posted on Twitter read: "Why is it so hard to see black and blue? One in 6 women are victims of abuse." and then takes our focus from 'the dress' to women facing domestic violence.

The new PSA shows a woman clearly dressed in a white and gold dress, but she has bad bruises and cuts all over her skin.

With this twist, the graphic ad then challenges victim-blaming, saying, "The only illusion is if you think it was her choice."

"One in six women are victims of abuse," the text continues. "Stop abuse against women."

The ad further urges us to report any case of domestic violence.


Caitlyn Goldring and Werner Cloete of South African creative agency Ireland/Davenport are the brains behind this positive message that had 1,200 retweets as of thursday morning, with dozens of positive feedback from Twitter users.

"We wanted to take advantage of the hype of the meme to spread awareness for something important," Ireland/Davenport creative director Wihan Meerhloz told ABC News today. "Our creative team brainstormed ways to send a greater message about overlooked abuse against women using the dress."

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