African Women Dye Their Gums Black For Beauty

I am just seeing this for the very first time. I know some people do have dark gums and it gives them that cute bright smile. However, I never knew there was a procedure for it nor did I know anything about "Gum Tattoing" until now.

Well, based on my research, gum tattooing is considered part of Ethiopian and Senegalese women's beauty treatment.

According to these women, this beauty regime dates back to their African ancestry and they strongly believe having black gums would not only brighten your smiles, but could help attract men.

In Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon and South Africa, skin lightening seems to be the most controvial topic regarding what real beauty should look like.

Gum tattooing seem to have taken beauty to a whole new level or let me say it should be placed in the same category as extreme butt implants and Japan's bagel heads.

Though the procedure doesn't seem as harsh as that of body tatoos, these women have to endure some pain as well. A concoction made of burnt oil and shea butter, is placed on the gums and then a thick needle is used to pricked the gum.

For best result, the procedure requires 7 levels; all for less than $1.50.

Scroll down to watch a young lady, Marieme undergo the black gum procedure for the first time. She could only made it up to the 4th level because the pain was too much for her to endure.



Marième wants to have a white smile, so she gets her gums tattooed. This makes her teeth look whiter. Needles inject black substance into her gums. Not painlessy, but Marième knows that beauty comes at a price.

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