OMG! Police Discovers Stuffed Easter Bunny With $30,000 of Meth


On Friday, April 3, Tahlequah City police nabbed a stuffed Easter Bunny containing $30,000 worth of Meth. This may be one of the weirdest drug mules that the police of Oklahoma have ever nabbed.

“We’ve intercepted narcotics in the mail before,” Police Chief Nate King told Fox23 in Tulsa. “The Easter Bunny I thought was a strange touch.”

According to Fox News, police hopped on the case when they learned the rabbit was in a package addressed to Carolyn Ross in Tahlequah.

A police dog in Tulsa County sniffed out the methamphetamine before the package was to be delivered to her home.

The station said an officer posed as a delivery man and went to Ross’ home to give her the package.

Ross allegedly confessed to knowing about the meth and is being held on $75,000 bond.

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